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No more snark-outs

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Oh, who am I kidding? I will restrain comment on this fascinating bit of self-promotion by Diana Mertz Hsieh on Objectivism Online:

By Diana from NoodleFood,cross-posted by MetaBlog

Source: On Ashland University - Objectivism Online Forum

Address : <http://forum.objectivismonline.net/index.p...ic=9972&hl=>

Ashland University's insanely unjust treatment of John Lewis was recently detailed in an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education: Tenure Shrugged. FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education) has posted some further details (correcting some small inaccuracies in the CHE article, as far as I understand) here: Ashland University: No Objectivists Need Apply.

Notice that the source of Dr. Lewis's troubles were (1) neocons and (2) evangelical Christians. From what I understand, the run-of-the-mill liberal faculty were rightly shocked and outraged by his treatment by Ashland.

Also, I might as well mention that I was quoted in the Chronicle's introduction to its three articles on Objectivism in academia:

The articles in this special Chronicle report are about a different group of scholars: those who believe that Rand created a true and complete philosophical model, which must be widely spread or else civilization will perish. These scholars believe that the road to cultural renewal runs through the philosophy department: If the public adopts the correct metaphysical and epistemological beliefs, then peace, justice, and prosperity will naturally follow. (In this respect, the famously anti-religious Randians are oddly similar to Catholic philosophers in the Thomist tradition.)

"The serious study of Ayn Rand's work­ -- in and out of academia­­ -- is only in its nascent stages," wrote Diana Mertz Hsieh, a doctoral candidate in philosophy at the University of Colorado at Boulder, on her blog in 2005. "If stillborn, our culture is doomed. ... It's not just some academic game: It's literally life and death."

In case you're wondering, I've not blogged because I've been at OCON in lovely Telluride. I've enjoyed myself well enough, although I'm eager to return to real work on my dissertation and to preparation for my fall "Intro Phil" class. I probably won't return to regular blogging for another week.

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Don't come near me. Look, here's me on a little screen. Neat.

"insanely unjust treatment" -- that's the felicitous phrase that jumped out at me. Now, a few days later (and a few outrages denounced), DMH is back at the barricades, as noted by OL's Robert Campbell, with two denunications and one blanket pre-ban, and one extensively footnoted cease-and-desist order.

-- is this the beginning of megalomania, or the beginning of the steep downward slide into Princess of Objectivism?



** My devoted anti-fans are meeting yet again on The So-

Called Forum for Ayn Rand Fans. They are quite upset

at me for questioning and doubting Phil Oliver's

claims of irrationality and ludditism on the part of

Dr. Peikoff. The claims are too absurd for comment

... but nonetheless depressing.

So, I have a new policy: If you choose to continue

posting on The Forum, then however honest and nice

you are, please do not post comments on NoodleFood.

Do not e-mail me with or for information -- or for

any other purpose. Do not talk to me at conferences

or elsewhere. Just stay away from me. I want nothing

whatsoever to do with the fleas who attack me on that

forum -- or the people who sanction such attacks by

participating in the pointless bull sessions with the

fleas on that forum. I do, after all, prefer to

maintain some shred of self-respect.

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