Watching: 'Linguistics Are How You Win: Everyone Must Hear the Term "Moral Panic"'



Tarl Warwick (such a nice Lovecraftian name) aka Styxhexenhammer666 is someone I pay attention to, so that I can at the very least understand various arguments made.  He is quite assured before the camera**, which still impresses me), and can run on for at least ten minutes, even if not colouring within the lines of his topic.  Here he hews fairly strictly to the concept of Moral Panic and raises some questions that readers/watchers/listeners here can either analyze, scoff at, or nap through.  

I can't get access to automated captions at the moment, but will poke them in here once I figure out how ..

The Invision Power Board software no longer allows embedded files in an iframe ... so I had to come up with a kludge, for readers:

I use a kludge within a form element, a textarea. The only drawback is that in some browsers the size of the box is fixed to maximum width. 

Full automated caption file ...


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