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Las Vegas massacre byproducts

A glimpse of the worst kind of 'reporting' ... from the Gateway Pundit, determined to put something out there to agitate and draw clicks, regardless of truth:


Then there are those who go with the first thing on their minds (a sample):

-- and of course, the "news" from good old 'Baxter Dmitry' ... spinning hard, and adding a "false flag" note drawn from his asshole.


Helpfully, the ghouls at Infowars are busting a gut to lay blame ...

Alex Jones has identified the culprits: the Democrats and the Deep State:



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According to a report from ABCnews, the shooter had set up cameras inside and outside his room while the massacre was underway ...


The man suspected of gunning down 59 people from a perch high up in Las Vegas' Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino had cameras set up inside and outside of his hotel room, authorities said today.

"I anticipate he was looking for anybody coming to take him into custody," Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said today. Sources told ABC News the suspect utilized at least one camera outside the room possibly to monitor approaching police. Lombardo said there was a camera on a service cart in the hallway.

"FBI took all digital and electronic evidence into custody," Lombardo added.


Arsenal found in shooter's hotel suite

Paddock checked into the Mandalay Bay on Thursday, bringing with him at least 23 guns, police said.

Authorities believe Paddock used a device similar to a hammer to smash the windows of his two-room suite.

A computer and several pieces of media were also recovered in Paddock’s hotel suite.

Room service was provided at some point during the suspect's stay, Lombardo said today.

An earlier report from ABCnews suggested a camera was set up inside the room -- perhaps to record himself during the fusillade:


One official said Paddock had a camera mounted in the room, apparently to record himself.

In a separate location searched by authorities, tannerite, an explosive used in target practice, was found, sources said.

Earlier, Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said there were at least 10 rifles in the room but noted that the investigation was still underway.

Bloomberg/AP reported yesterday that the shooter had two 'bump-stock' devices in his room:

Gunman Had 'Bump-stock' Device That Could Speed Fire

The device basically replaces the gun's shoulder rest, with a "support step" that covers the trigger opening. By holding the pistol grip with one hand and pushing forward on the barrel with the other, the shooter's finger comes in contact with the trigger. The recoil causes the gun to buck back and forth, "bumping" the trigger.

Technically, that means the finger is pulling the trigger for each round fired, keeping the weapon a legal semi-automatic.

-- on the other hand, apparently "They" aren't telling you the whole story. Here's the gen from Paul Joseph Watson of  Infowars:

“It’s gotta be a set-up,” says former Marine
Paul Joseph Watson | Infowars.com - OCTOBER 3, 2017

But ...





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Later breaking information on two items: cameras and bump-stocks:

4 hours ago, william.scherk said:

According to a report from ABCnews, the shooter had set up cameras inside and outside his room while the massacre was underway ... [...]

An earlier report from ABCnews suggested a camera was set up inside the room

An update from AP gets into the particulars of camera set-ups by the presumed shooter:

LAS VEGAS (AP) — The Latest on the mass shooting in Las Vegas (all times local):

6:25 p.m.

Authorities say the Las Vegas shooter put a camera inside the peephole of his hotel room to see down the hallway as he opened fire on a crowd of concertgoers.

Undersheriff Kevin McMahill told reporters Tuesday that Stephen Paddock also set up two cameras in the hallway outside his room at the Mandalay Bay casino-hotel so he could watch law enforcement or security approach.

He says Paddock fired on and off for nine to 11 minutes and unleashed a dozen or so volleys. He says the first call about shots fired came in at 10:08 p.m. Sunday and the gunfire stopped at 10:19 p.m.


Bloomberg/AP reported yesterday that the shooter had two 'bump-stock' devices in his room:

-- it appears that there were more than two 'bump-stock' attachments in the room at Mandalay (from the same AP update linked above):

6:20 p.m.

Federal officials say the Las Vegas shooter had devices attached to 12 weapons that allow semiautomatic rifles to mimic fully automatic gunfire.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Special Agent in Charge Jill Schneider also told reporters Tuesday that Stephen Paddock had nearly 50 guns in three locations.

She said he had a combination of rifles, shotguns and pistols.

The gun attachment that mimics automatic gunfire is a little-known device called a “bump stock” that was not widely sold. The stocks have been around for less than a decade, and Schneider said officials determined they were legal.

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This take by Alex Jones is so full, it will take a lot of unpacking ... for connoisseurs of the fever swamps only, perhaps. "Clips of the experts going through what the best minds have put together on this." Yowza. Including Laura Loomer, who is getting the whole scoop about "Them."

Was Las Vegas Shooter Radicalized Or Just Another Patsy?




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Live broadcasting can be such fun. What do you do when your editor-at-large seems to be just a wee bit skeptical? This brief Twitter video features Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson (the claim about the Hostage Rescue Unit is sourced to a source that Alex would die to protect). 

Taken from Twitter, and one of the few Libruls not blaming the massacre on Trump. Smiley

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16 Questions that will make you suspicious ...

A helpful question from Jerry, who hasn't ever encountered a drug that isn't poison ...

6 hours ago, jts said:


Is there an exception to the statement that all mass shootings in the last 20 years involved one or more psychiatric drugs?

The obvious answer is No, no exceptions, and the obvious implication is hmmm. Hmmm meaning that we might look at the drugs the Las Vegas shooter was on, if any. It has been reported that Valium was prescribed to the shooter in July

Another hmmm is who is actually writing the material at the link and whose ox is being gored, if any ...But before I get to that, I should mention that there are more questions taking on some attention. Here is a frame of the 16 questions asked (but usually only answered with Hmmm) at another place on the internet (I am working to annotate the 16 questions, which means the text will update in the form here):

-- I note that question 11 almost covers Jerry's query, and shares a link. 

Who will be brave enough to answer Question 11 definitively?




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Regarding the "suicide note" left in the shooter's room, question #1:

The gentlemen at Infowars have turned over another rock, underneath which is ISIS, subject of question #12 above.


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Scott Adams takes on some conspiracy ideation surrounding the Las Vegas massacre. "The most logical explanation is ..." money-laundering and drugs. Not.  If you can make sense of this, you can solve the mysteries ... cocaine, fake crying, money-laundering, the note, gun-running, CIA/FBI involvement. Ruling out that the shooter was a professional gambler ... 

"Does anybody still think it's ISIS?" "I thought I was being targeted yesterday." "Please do not send me pictures of the fake note. I don't have to see it to know it's a fake." "He just doesn't look like an Antifa." 


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A breathtaking update on the Las Vegas massacre, from Kit Daniels of Infowars. I push fair use to the max, so that the full tale can be told:


1) Paddock had been radicalized, either for real or as part of a cover as he had the hallmarks of an intelligence agency cutout. Intelligence agencies were behind the rise of ISIS.

2) Paddock worked for a major aerospace company which had connections with Skunkworks – and he held multiple pilot licenses.

3) There was more than one shooter, and Paddock was clearly not acting alone.

4) Paddock was spending millions of dollars a year as an “apartment complex manager” while traveling the world and was a frequent guest at casinos – and, interestingly, casinos are one of the few legal places where someone can still launder money. You exchange money for chips, no questions asked, and even if you lose 20% or 30% from gambling, the casino gives you the rest of your money back when you turn in your chips.

5) There is a major cover-up of the shooting that is frustrating state and federal-level investigators who are being roadblocked by deep state insiders, sources told Infowars.

6) There were over 20 firearms transported to Paddock’s room in a casino which is under constant surveillance, even in the hotel rooms themselves. Notice how the mainstream media was so quick to claim Paddock was a “lone operator” the morning after the shooting, despite this clear discrepancy.

7) Evidence is suggesting that Paddock was possibly a gun runner for an intelligence agency, which would explain all the guns and the other aforementioned oddities surrounding the shooting. Even his radicalization would still fit into that narrative – remember, former CIA Director John Brennan was rumored to have converted to Wahhabism.

This video lays out all the evidence indicating there was more than one shooter:

And, as we reported earlier, a former Trump campaign official said he was leaked information from high-level sources that Las Vegas massacre gunman Stephen Paddock made an ISIS propaganda tape.

While Infowars does not outright endorse the veracity of the official’s claims, there’s other evidence which similarly emphasizes Paddock’s ties to ISIS.

After a FBI source told Infowars that photos taken in the Middle East and Antifa literature was found in the suspect’s hotel room, Clark Co. Sheriff Joe Lombardo hinted the shooter may have been “radicalized” and wasn’t acting alone.

And it wasn’t until after Infowars reported the Middle Eastern photos that officials revealed Paddock’s girlfriend had visited Dubai.

Clearly there’s more than one shooter, FBI sources confirmed to Infowars, and one of the shooters was firing at fuel tanks near the concert in an attempt to ignite them.


Video reveals two different types of firearms firing simultaneously.

Also, law enforcement sources believe the unidentified couple who told concert goers they were “all going to f***ing die” if they didn’t leave were likely part of the group behind the shooting, but later got cold feet and were trying to warn others of the impending massacre.

ISIS featured a photo of the Mandalay Bay hotel drenched in blood on the cover of its latest newsletter – and the terrorist group also claimed Paddock was radicalized six months before.

1. After ISIS claimed Vegas, I was waiting for them to release Naba, their weekly newsletter, to see if anything new emerged. Naba is out:

New York Times correspondent Rukmini Callimachi even admitted that “ISIS has rarely claimed attacks that were not by either their members or sympathizers.”

As far as the Antifa connections, we reported on Tuesday how members of Antifa are receiving military training in the Syrian Civil War as part of a dark triad between Antifa, anarcho-communist Kurds and Kurds linked to ISIS.

If any OL members of a skeptical bent have an opinion on this gallimaufry, I'd be thrilled if you publish it here. 

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2 hours ago, 9thdoctor said:

In the absence of evidence my mind keeps going back to the novel Black Sunday.  That killer didn't have a manifesto, he just wanted to die while killing a lot of people.


The apparent lack of motive in the Las Vegas massacre -- in the sense of detectable psychological 'reasoning' for such destruction -- leaves us wanting. My own intuition tells me something along these lines:

"I want to be notorious in death. I am ready to leave this world. I want to be known as the biggest mass murderer of the modern era. I want to crowd other killers out of the top league rankings." In some ways this folds in also with ideas of 'copycat' killings -- like those that have followed the atrocity at Columbine high school. That crime may have inspired further notoriety-seeking in subsequent mass shootings ...

My inklings do seem simplistic and assume  too much within the void of knowledge, but that is my raw reading -- that the shooter had determined to go out with a horrifying bang, the biggest bang the world had yet to see. (I have seen him compared to the Texas Tower killer -- who left behind both a mental history and notes to explain the murder of his wife and mother, having sought psychiatric help with his aggressive impulses/compulsion. While not probative, forensic inquiry found a tumour against that shooter's amygdala, suggesting a pathology outside his ability to control.) 

The Las Vegas shooter could very be somewhat similar to the fictional killer featured in Black Sunday. Thanks for that link and note. 

Edited by william.scherk

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Just finished watching Manhunt on Netflix, a scripted mini series about Theodore Kaczynski and the FBI linguistics profiler who discovered him.

No lack of motive here.

Interestingly Kaczynski was involved in a professors experiment under the auspices of the CIA and its operation MKUltra.


The author has been in touch with the unibomber. Its the most complete look into a persons motives Ive read.

A couple of excerpts.

The health-services doctor who interviewed Kaczynski as part of the medical examination Harvard required for all freshmen observed,

Good impression created. Attractive, mature for age, relaxed. … Talks easily, fluently and pleasantly. … likes people and gets on well with them. May have many acquaintances but makes his friends carefully. Prefers to be by himself part of the time at least. May be slightly shy. … Essentially a practical and realistic planner and an efficient worker. … Exceedingly stable, well integrated and feels secure within himself. Usually very adaptable. May have many achievements and satisfactions. Plans not crystallized yet but this is to be expected at his age. Is slightly shy and retiring but not to any abnormal extent. Should be [a] steady worker.”


Lois Skillen, his high school counselor. “Of all the youngsters I have worked with at the college level,” she wrote to Harvard,

I believe Ted has one of the greatest contributions to make to society. He is reflective, sensitive, and deeply conscious of his responsibilities to society. … His only drawback is a tendency to be rather quiet in his original meetings with people, but most adults on our staff, and many people in the community who are mature find him easy to talk to, and very challenging intellectually. He has a number of friends among high school students, and seems to influence them to think more seriously.


Talk about wanting answers. This year I asked a psychologist a question, that had been dogging me for years. I provided all of my correspondence and replies between my sperm donor over the years. He profiled him for me. Its been something of a fascination. I will rest easy for the rest of my life knowing what I learned.

Its not easy, having more questions than answers. 


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A decent 'round-up' article from Mother Jones's writer Bryan SchatzTrump Supporters Are Promoting Insane Conspiracy Theories About the Vegas Shooter


Which of the following groups does Stephen Paddock, the 64-year-old gunman responsible for the Las Vegas massacre, belong to, according to recent articles promoted by Republican pundits and Trump-affiliates?

a) Antifa

b) Islamic State

c) Illuminati

d) All of the above

If you chose “All of the above,” you’re correct.

The shooting that left 58 dead and hundreds wounded, according to a spate of recent articles promoted widely on Facebook and Twitter, must be the handiwork of a vast lefty-Antifa-Muslim-jihadist-Illuminati conspiracy—and the whole “rancid story,” as the Conservative columnist Wayne Allyn Root recently put it, is being covered up by the FBI and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police.


Alex Jones, the host of Infowars, first doubled down on the Antifa claim, saying that the FBI “found Antifa information in the room and photos of the women in the Middle East…There was Antifa crap everywhere,” before switching—or, blending—narratives by inviting right-wing Internet personality Laura Loomer to his show to hear her theories linking Paddock to ISIS. Loomer is an acolyte of the conservative sting artist James O’keefe who once disrupted a production of “Julius Caeser” in New York by shouting, “You guys are ISIS!” Now, branding herself an investigative journalist, Loomer told Infowars, “I think that this guy is a hardcore leftist with Antifa connections who became radicalized through ISIS.” She said, “You see a lot of these leftists who are embracing Islam.”

Jones then speculated that the attack could have been “a set up” staged by “deep state” agents in order to push gun control. The shooting, he believed, could lead the nation on a path toward civil war.

Other conspiracy theories have suggested that the MGM Resorts International is destroying evidence of the crime, that there was more than one shooter, or that the shooting might have been connected to O.J. Simpson’s release from prison.


Conspiracy theorists don’t have to do much to benefit from their antics, says Klein. “They win simply by injecting doubt into the system, not by changing people’s minds. Doubt by itself is enough to distort the conversation, create discord around very important discussions that we should be having. If we’re talking about conspiracies instead of talking about gun control or mental illness or whatever factor that is a legitimate debate to have around this, then they’re winning. It doesn’t take more than that.”

-- adding a little spice to your online life:


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The first forty-three seconds of this video are exceptional.  Within that span of time, David Seaman rolls through his talking points. Pizzagate!, John Podesta, Las Vegas Massacre ... it's all connected.


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Elsewhere ... a confident if not categorical assertion:

1 hour ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

Nobody makes a living playing video poker.





-- in fairness to Michael, if not to Bob or Mork, I don't believe that one can make a living from video poker, especially in the sense of Paddock's income stream being totally or mostly composed of casino gambling wins over losses. In this instance, it pays to read Ann Coulter's article. I think it is most likely that Paddock had more than one income stream ... 

I do believe that Paddock spent a huge amount of time on video-poker machines, and it makes sense to me that he had some kind of strategy to lose the least amount of money. 

See Ann's original column (which, curiously, does not include the links found at White Power Vdare: MEDIA BEGGING US FOR CONSPIRACY THEORIES ON LAS VEGAS

See also this intriguing commentary at Hotair.com: Ann Coulter: Does Anyone Believe That The Vegas Shooter Made His Money Gambling?

-- how else did Paddock reportedly make his money (while not ruling out gun-running, ISIS contract, money-laundering, or other less-plausible explanations at large)?

Edited by william.scherk

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Is there a 'media blackout' on the Las Vegas Massacre? If so, does this mean there is a conspiracy to conceal information, or could it mean something else?

14 hours ago, Brant Gaede said:

Why would the shooter break out two far apart windows? Etc.

He shot at the fuel tanks at the nearby airport? 


Etc ...





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"Why has there been a total mainstream media 'black-out' on the subject of the Las Vegas Massacre shooter -- and his motive?" This tweet may serve to answer the question ...

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