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Introducing Jagmeet Singh



The two major national parties in Canada are the Liberals and the Conservatives. The third national party is called "The New Democratic Party" or NDP.  The party has just selected this guy, Jagmeet Singh as their leader ... Jagmeet Singh wins NDP leadership race on first ballot

He will become the first Sikh to lead a national party.


Singh attracted some national and international attention for how he dealt with a finger-wagging heckler at one of his leadership campaign meetings last month. A video went viral and most likely contributed to his win ...

Of course, not everybody is enamoured of the turban-sporting socialist lawyer and martial artist, not least the folks at Canada's Rebel Media. Here is a counterpoint to the self-absorption of the left ... which is having a Trumpgasm over Singh and the symbolism of his win.

And one for the ladies ...



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It is make or break night for Jagmeet Singh, whose name I have dropped in a few threads. If he succeeds in taking the Burnaby-South (surburban Vancouver) riding, he will have kept it in NDP hands and he will get to continue being NDP leader until the October general election. If he wins, the likelihood of Trudeau's departure increases (all things being equal) ...


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