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Maue Maue Weather Warning



I've mentioned the good work and Trump-friendly politics of meteorologist Ryan Maue. Here in the APS Scammerama thread ...

On 13/02/2017 at 0:17 PM, william.scherk said:

Emotionally-laden arguments or chicken-little Venus-by-2100! assertions are weeds. Another thing we probably agree on is that insult and denigration of 'the Other' is of little effective use in persuasion or critical thinking. it might feel good emotionally to slag off a blob or its constituents, yet it doesn't advance discussion. So for every nasty 'shrieking alarmist' is a mirror-insult 'blind denialist'  or worse. People are touchy and prickly and uncharitable under pressure of controversy, I guess.  For some at both extremes, blob-thinking takes over.  Alarmist! Denialist! Faux-Skeptic! Lukewarmer Traitor! Pawn of the Climate Clique Monstrosity!


One of my favourite Trump-positive meteorologists of Twitter is Ryan Maue. He has had it up to here with climate hysteria and shoddy reporting, but he is a weather wonk Vulcan. His forecasts are usually spot on, backed by all the power of meteorology to predict.


Maue has just summed up the converging models of Irma la dure:


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