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Taking a vacation



Michael and I are off vacationing in LA for a few days. It is really nice out here and the weather is great. We've been visiting with my brother and Barbara, and it has been quite enjoyable. My brother took me on a very scenic ride to the ocean, Venice, Santa Monica and through Topanga canyon, which is absolutely gorgeous. We also went over to Hollywood and checked out the sights.

We had a rough start coming out here. We had a stopover in Las Vegas where I won sixty big ones on video poker before hopping on another plane. We made the connection; our luggage did not. United lost our luggage. This is the first time I've experienced lost luggage. What a royal pain. It is absolutely impossible to get through to United lost luggage line and they make you talk to one of those annoyingly fake friendly voice systems that make you talk to it before trying to connect you to a busy line. I was livid and wanted to throw the phone out the window. I hate those annoying systems. It is definitely on my top ten pet peeve list. From now on I will pay the extra for a direct flight. My last couple experiences with stopovers have not been good. Last year going to Summer Seminar they changed the stopover from Salt Lake City to Atlanta and this year my luggage was lost. It just isn't worth the aggravation anymore.

Our luggage did eventually show up at our hotel late the second day, but it really put a damper on the vacation as did the whole Pross episode. We are on vacation and he still is trying to get Michael to respond to him on another forum. We didn't post to him when we knew he was on vacation. He needs to clean up his own fricken mess and leave us the hell alone. We didn't plagiarize; he did. He doesn't need our permission to state where the bodies are buried or to make amends to those he has wronged. He is not a victim and should stop this crap. To blame Michael and OL for his pathological behavior is pathetic. He is the only one to blame for what he did. He was an intellectual kleptomaniac when he came here and we let him stay on the condition that he would not plagiarize. Now he says he did it because he was mad at Michael. Bullshit. Get a grip, loser!

Kitten has growled.


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First off, I hope you two are having a wonderful vacation. And hope you have an amazing 4th tomorrow! Vacation sure as hell sounds nice...I'd like to go somewhere cold. Too much sweatin' goin' on over here. Summer weather is a bitch.

Secondly, Victor is finding his plagiarisms. May I post them for him or do you or Michael want to do that?

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Kori, It is up to Victor how he wants to handle exposing the plagiarisms. The list may be posted in your blog or emailed directly to Michael or myself. We will deal with the issues when we get back home. Hopefully, there is not a whole lot more of this mess to clean up.

Have a great 4th.


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