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HOW DARE you, sir? Into the red zone . . .



[Will re-post as audio file][removed from 'Objectivist Living Forum > Outer Limits > Rants > Exposed!']Hear hear.

I wasn't going to post further in this thread, as my earlier remarks speak for themselves, no matter what MSK or others may read into them. The following, though, is too utterly appalling to let pass without comment.QUOTE(Brant Gaede @ Jun 27 2007, 10:31 PM) *[...] I'm sorry for Angie; no one was more sucked in than Angie. Love has its own reasons, but reality comes a cropper. Angie, run away, don't walk. Today's pain hurts. Tomorrow's destroys. [...]QUOTE(Brant Gaede @ Jun 27 2007, 11:53 PM) *What if Angie doesn't exist? What if she is only an invention of VP?How DARE you, sir?
I'm with two zones, here. In the red zone is where you don't go, you don't cross some fuzzy humanist line into gratuitousness, schadenfreude, invective for invective sake, snuffling in other people't crotches. In the red zone is my hope that Angie and Victor prosper in love, however they met, and however the spectacle (which I basically ignored, all 670 I-luvs-you-too-booboo ick factors). I wish those two the very best, and hope they take a break from this world to go live in that world.The other zone is free fire, the kitchen, the hot hot kitchen. So I agree with both ends of the firecracker here, both Barbara foremost and the quote above.I hope we don't go in the red zone. It does not good to go there with Valliant and it does no good to go there with Victor. It is appalling to read smears of Angie here, and prurient and unpleasant to have their affair smutted about. Barbara's kindness is apparent and telling, and very touching. She has made her point and is ready to forgive? MEIN GOTT (how can she react so gently when she had been quite needlessly attacked by Victor, early on in his SOLO guise, and the rampant unreason and insult never apologized for by the man, while our hostess the Emperor coddled and cooed?)! Yes, get yer noses out of Victor and Angie's crotches, and still the ugly comments. "Dan NEdge, Plagerist," was a classic moment in O-online world history/infotainment/ick. You were there. Be properly observant. Let the scenes of crime people do their work, then the cleanup crews run there hoses, then the reporters run their hairblowers.Kori, Mitchell, stress your connection with the good heart in both Angie and Victor. It's a good thing that you responded with affection to Victors friendliness and kindness to you. Stress the affection, it's a good thing. Stress it enough that everyone knows you disapprove his wrongdoings. Get out of the red zone yourself. Imagine Angie, one day, in love, on the beach, after a gorgeous breakfast of scampi in garlic and champagne and wild vulpine sex . . . Angie curling a lock of her gorgeous hair and brushing sand off V's belly with her beautiful hand and looking at him with a beautiful smile and spell-binding eyes of clarity and objectivity:"Honey-boo boo, did you leave my laptop in the bathroom last night, huh? Who's Dan Edge and what did you write about Michael like that for? Honey, you said you wuzzn't gunna doo that booboo funny face anymore huh baby?Hun? boo boo booboo?"And the pulse beats in his forehead. There I draw the curtain on the zone.

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Unfortunately, I am an idiot with regard to the video-making. All my tools, all my talent (hic) and all I get is a herky-jerky Parkinsonian version of my oeuvre, on friging Grouper. I will try harder next weekend.

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