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Sunny Days Ahead for OL

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[2 minor search and replace operations later, the original posting from our sibling site speaks the same meaning]I find the OL site to be very impressive, with so many tools for communication. Props to the team.I am coming to the faith that a truly free site (which OL now mostly is due to the light touch that is Michael and Kat's genius) may be like a map of the world.Looking out through the OL window on my monitor, I do believe that the varied strands of Rand-influenced thinkers and actors and scholars can build whatever communications they wish, here, through the window.A rather clownish person like me can retire to a blog -- a small, blue-ish pink, flickering window -- post occasional image-laden observations, experiment with different tones and tonics, accept essay commissions from my best critics, spend more time listening to music and working in the real world.Another person can inhabit the chatbox**, or pepper popular threads with machine-gun one-liners. Yet another person can diligently apply her labour to expanding analysis in one of the less-read threads . . . and so on.It is a bit like a map, an index, a window on the world, this box on my table, this OL box: yes, there are great continents, one dark, one light . . . but there are also smaller homelands, high mountain passes, navigable seas of long sweeping sands and intricate fjords and more; island redoubts, outposts and entrepots; vast archipelagos of opinion spattered like light across the surface of the globe . . .pg-onstarmp.jpgThank you all my backstage acquaintances, those who have said, "don't f**k up, Scherk," or "don't f**k up again, Scherk," or "you know what'll happen if you f**k it up again, Scherk?" -- and thank you to my glee club of Guignolards. See y'all at the Jennathon! [obscure reference to Jennifer Iannolo, Jenna Wong, and a Jen yet to be heard from -- a nod to the chatbox at the sister-in-randteousness site.WSS** '-uc-'** there likely is a plug-in for OL's underlying forum software.

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