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Do you have a local Objectivist club in your area  

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This is a charming little movie set during the Great Depression which stars Abagail Breslin in the title role.

Her father played by Chris O'Donnell loses his job and has to leave the family to go to Chicago to look for work. The mother played by Julie Ormond has to take in borders, raise chickens and sell eggs.

While Kit worships Eleanor Roosevelt the family continues to make their own way.

There is wonderful bit where the girls wear dresses made from old flour sacks which look very fashionable.

I was struck by the fact that the government while it seemed to give no help either did it provide a hindrance. The mother did not need to get license to open a boarding house. She was able to raise chickens and sell the eggs without getting any special permission. Today it would impossible to take in boarders. You can't raise chickens in any American city.


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