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Playoffs and other such...

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Playoffs started. I played a great game except that I struck out (second time since the start of the regular season). We beat the other team but we didn't hit that well and won because they weren't great hitters and our pitcher was on top of his game. Tuesday we play the number 1 team in the state so that'll be interesting. That and I get out of school a few hours early for the four hour drive down to their field.

On a separate note I got 2nd team all-league which means that I'm no where near where I want to be and didn't reach my goals for the year (batting .400 [] with a .500 on base percentage [x] and 1st team all-league catcher []). Hopefully we'll win state which will make up for a lot of that.

Eventually I'll make this blog less self-absorbed about baseball and use it for my thoughts on stuff, but baseball is pretty dominant at the moment.

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