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Morton Sobell Confesses

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Chris Grieb


Who is Morton Sobell.

In the early 50ths Mr Sobell was convicted of conspiracy to committed espionage for the Soviet Union. The spy ring included Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, David and Ruth Greenglass and were involved in providing information to the Soviet Union about the atomic bomb being built at Los Alamos. The Rosenberg were executed in 1953. They are the only Americans executed for spying during the Cold War.

Mr Sobell was a lesser member of this spy ring who was not involved in the stealing of the atomic bomb secrets.

He has until now always denied that he was spying. He now admits he was. He served a number of years in prison which was I am sure very hard.

I hope before my blog readers feel too sorry for him. Remember one fact. He was spying for Stalin. Stalin the guy who the moral equivalent was Hitler. Morton Sobell will not be with us much longer and I would wish he would experience hell when he leaves this world.

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There is an excellent article in the LA Times by Ronald Radish who with Joyce Milton wrote the definitive book on the Rosenberg case.

Radish expresses the hope that the extreme Left will admit the guilt of the Rosenberg's. I will not hold my breath waiting for that event.

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