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William Shatner, Captain Kirk and Star Trek

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Chris Grieb


I have been reading William Shatner's autobiography "Up till Now". Shatner has been acting for a very long time starting in the 50ths in television in Canada and then on the US networks.

The part he will be most remembered for is Captain James T. Kirk of the Star Ship Enterprise. Star trek has been shown in reruns for years and been spun off with at least four spin-offs.

Shatner tells of people coming up to him in airport and reciting whole episodes of the show. Shatner spends a page and half in the book listing the merchandise that has come from Star Trek. Shatner know that the first line of his obituary will have some mention of James T. Kirk.

Final confession I am almost sure I ever watched the first times it was shown. I liked Star Trek Voyager and Star Trek Deep Space Nine. Of the Star trek movies I liked the second one and the one about the whales. Also the movie where Spock tells Kirk only Nixon can go to China.

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Why did Star Trek have the effect it had on our culture?

That are a huge number of shows that lasted longer and had better ratings.

Is it because it was about space?

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