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Penn & Teller's show

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Chris Grieb


I am getting more cable so I can watch Penn & Teller again.

They have a great show. I watched a show about Mount Rushmore which was great. They have done about the endangered species law and handicapped parking spaces. On the endangered species story they had my friend Bob Smith who is a very articulate spokesman for liberty. On the handicapped parking spaces story they had Ed Hudgins.

I wish Penn wouldn't use so many four letter words. If you like nudity they have it.

Their show and The Wire are good reason to pay more for cable.

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I watched their show on anger management.

At the end of the show Teller talked about some angry people. He said something like Ayn Rand was angry about the Soviet Union and the way the culture treated heroes and so she wrote Atlas Shrugged. It was and unexpected and delightful moment.

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