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Charlie Wilson's War

Chris Grieb


I f you watch TV you may have seen ads for this movie.

I smell a rat. A Hollywood rat.

I want to say that I have not seen the movie. The movie does not open till Christmas day but I read the book of the same name.

Charlie Wilson's War is a fascinating story. Congressman Wilson after being something of a playboy during the 70ths did help the Afghan rebels get funding. But he was not alone. One of the other people who helped was a man who lived in government housing. I am of course referring to Ronald Reagan.

Is it just possible that a Hollywood movie might downplay Ronald Reagan's role in bringing an end to the cold war. Is it possible that Hollywood might make the ending the cold war was just because Charlie Wilson wanted to get in a Houston socialite's pants. As Larry the Cable Guy says "I should be ashamed.


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For a discussion of the movie, see Jack Wheeler's article, "Charlie Wilson and Ronald Reagan's War." Jack was intimately involved in the events described in the film and the book.

Go to: http://www.tothepointnews.com/index.php?op...9&Itemid=67

Barbara Barbara; Thanks for the link.

Jack Wheeler was very involved with all these events as you say. It would be lovely to think that Jack is stirring things up in Iran.

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John Fund had an article in the Dec. 28 Wall Street Journal which says the story told in the movie is better than some of my comments.

One of his points is no Democrat would act in that way today.

Fund liked the movie.

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