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The End of the Truscott Case

Chris Grieb


Tomorrow August 28 after almost fifty years Crown vs Steven Truscott will finally have a resolution.

Steven Truscott was arrested, charged and convicted of the murder of a class mate in 1959. He was sentenced. That sentence was commuted. But his conviction was later affirmed by Canadian Supreme Court.

Truscott came to his unlucky state of affairs because he gave a ride to this school mate. A younger girl in his classes she was in his home room.

The Crown pathologist said the time of death was right around the time of the bicycle ride. The girl's body was discovered near the bicycle rides location.

Truscott claimed he had taken the young lady Lynn Harper to a major road and she had hitched a ride. The police believed that Truscott had taken Harper into the nearby woods and raped and killed her.

Truscott denied he had done and has repeated this story. Several of his fellow students had seen him and Harper on the ride. They insist to this day to the truth of their stories. There was medical testimony that raised questions about the time and place of death.

Truscott was released from prison in 1969. He was considered a model prisoner. He married and lived until 1997 when he contacted a Canadian legal group who helped in the exoneration of some wrongfully convicted people. The hoped that there was DNA evidence left from the trial but sadly there was none. They found other evidence that had been suppressed and in one review by a cabinet official a final review was ordered.

We all find out tomorrow.


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