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Robin Hood

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Chris Grieb


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As I mentioned earlier yesterday Sunday, August 19th was Errol Flynn day on TCM.

One of the movies was Robin Hood. Robin Hood has been done in various versions but this is the best.

As the readers of this forum know Ayn Rand did not approve of Robin Hood. Her reason are good but this is still a great movie.

The acting by Flynn, Dehavilland, Rains and Rathbone is first rate. Flynn looks great. Rathbone is the proper villian. The script is well done. The photography is excellent. It is done in a beautiful Technicolor that is a joy to look at.

What about Ayn Rand's objections to Robin Hood? While Robin speaks of robbing from the rich and giving to poor it is clear that these are the thieving rich. That the rich are described as Norman barons are stealing what the people have earned. In this sense I believe Robin Hood is precursor of Miss Rand's character Ragnar Danneskolk who steals from the looters and returns the loot to the producers.

If you have not seen this Robin Hood see it and if you have seen it see it again.

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Interesting suggestion Chris... connecting Robin Hood and Ragnar. I don't recall hearing that before. I have definitely long thought of Robin Hood story in that way though -- he was stealing from the "rich" who in that context were government officials (the Sheriff) or various "nobles" who themselves had -- at least in part -- obtained what they had via force from the peasants. This is just from memory of the story, so perhaps it isn't accurate -- I'd have to re-read the story or re-watch the better movie versions of it.

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