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First Entry

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Hey, wutsup, this is my blog. Basically I'm not sure how much substance will be on this, probably a fair amount though. I'll also use this to post updates on my baseball team and funny snippets from conversations I have that I like.

My baseball team is 1-1.

I had a conversation with my sister yesterday that was real funny. It went something like this.

Her: Why would you not worship a God that can accomplish so much that man can't?

Me: Because I don't think that's possible.

Her: Well can man fly without machines?

Me: Well can God create a boulder so big not even he can lift it?

Her: Why would he need to?

Me: Why would man?

I'll probably rant some on here too, nothing is coming right now though.

What does the publish button do?

OOOOOO, I needa click that huh....

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