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My second test is also awful ... long, choppy, echoey, but I fear not [added February 2]



I have been fussing with technical impediments for a few days -- with the end of the fuss a more-success-than-fail test of streaming video live from Chilliwack. It is still awful, laggy, popping here and there, distorting audio, skipping frames, refusing to play video so I can hear it ... but with some more fussing and rehearsal, and more script cards, and more drilling, this can work. Expect this thread to be locked from time to time as I replace the content with the actual live event URL. This is a recording ...

Yes, it is even more awful than I feared, but still a success. The echoes can be fixed by disabling the mic when listening to playback of embedded videos. And the awful disparities in volume can be finessed. 

> I want to recommend a neat little standalone application that lets a podcaster/livecaster play various sound files. It's called Jingle Palette. A screenshot of the thing:


As can be seen in the labels, I had audio excerpts from video, text-to-speech items, and some radio-stingers.  All at various wrong sound levels ...



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Bitrate tester in HTML5 package: WSS in Florida ... (via Google Maps). This was recorded out of OBS server and recorded at a higher bitrate than my most recent tests to Youtube and Twitch. This comment will likely self-destruct, or -- more likely -- become a short-term dump of the best configurations to date. It isn't the "Live" that makes this fun, but adding enhancements to what can be a very boring medium (guys yapping at the camera for more than twenty seconds).**


** Some people not born of radio (like Rush Limbaugh) are not natural extemporaneous yakkers in front of a camera for a freaking hour or more. Exceptions are Stefan Molyneux and Styxhexxenhammerdammerung666. In both these cases one can find either channel crashingly boring despite the verbal fluency.  It can sound as boring as a university lecture in an overheated seminar hall delivered by a droning if not drugged instructor who doesn't even have Powerpoint ...

... this is the kind of thing that you either love or don't:


The tweet he talks about but does not feature ... the shrieking old harpy herself, completely tanked, ranting like a kook, just as Tarl suggests (?):





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The latest test recordings are still bad, but I am finding out what I can and cannot do .... the limitations of my non-gamer computer and my upload speed. Later this year I hope to upgrade to a Beast, and figure out how to turn my wireless home connection into a high-speed ethernet. Onward!

This starts with the basics. Images and ambiance. Awful but instructive. Like your first twenty-five bicycle rides.

BONUS!!! -- I have developed a new problem of lousy patch connection or incorrect monitoring. In this one there is no echo, since the output is not to speakers but to headphones and the microphone does not get freaked out by background noises or files coming out of speakers. But. Something stupid is going on that results in the snaps and crackles; another minor hill to fight on ...

If you push the slider up to the end of the video, you can catch a puzzler/riddle and offer of money ... beginning at 3:50.  First correct answer wins a guest post here at Friends and Foes.

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Well, my last series of tests have not been inflicted on reader and viewers here, as I faced continuing challenges. 

The very latest Youtube test is merely quite bad -- not awful. The sound is unbalanced, the performer is low-energy, but the major technical hurdles are behind: echo, pop and snap, ultra chop and lag. It is still laggy, but the solution is near to hand.

Here is the Youtube latest and below that an upload of the latest home  test recording, where I think I have finally solved (to some large degree) the integration of the various source of a modern Youtube broadcast. My next challenge is the sound-balancing dance and a full run-through recording. If I cannot get a 5G speed upload, I will be recording and uploading, and the only "live" truth will be that the resulting video was not edited ... simply recorded live.


I compromised on size!

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Woo-hoo!  I saved and saved and saved up till I could afford a speedy, powerful new laptop. This is the result.  A pure proof that I can upload two ways, from within my streaming server and straight from the Youtube Creator Studio.  


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Fun in the mixing booth ... another small milestone for the Daemonesk mini-studio. A live broadcast test that actually sounds not completely bizarre.  I do try on several different hats including a red one and a John McCain's funeral veil:

As I note where I tested this on the blog, I am rehearsing "The Day William Joined The Black Bloc."   Guest speakers, music, folk-dancing. Am now actively seeking OLers who aren't afraid to call in live. 

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Show notes teaser:

This will be a boring videocast with this rough script:

Welcome and what OL is (3 gigabytes of Objectivist forum history); why you should give it a gander; why I help pay in a small way for its continued existence. Every wondered what happened to the Speicher's THEFORUM and Solopassion and RebirthOfReason?

I also wanted to briefly mention an idea shared with me: what can happen to the OWL archives?



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Show notes teaser:

#Midterms, #Qanon, Trump blunder, the Great War and its commemoration 100 years later.
Watch for fuss about Florida recounts, Arizona Senate, as well as the fate of the five to seven remaining House seats to be called.  

Some files posted from Objectivist Living and other forums, as well a backstage questions.

[Link to QAnon post triggering some interpretation in the Q-communities]

If you want to get ahead of the crowd, exclusive to OL:


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Family in town, so I am going to suspend my duty to the 5 O'Clock Club and have the traditional family meal.  See you here in this space tomorrow.  Thanks for the backstage engagement and useful critiques. I gained two more followers ... at this rate I will be qualified to monetize my videos when I am one hundred and  forty years old.

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I even made dinner for family and neighbour today, which put me off two hours. Muh Video!

Show Notes teaser ...


#Midterms, #Qanon, #Trump. 🎦 We look briefly at House seats to be called.

🕛 We plug Mike Rothschilds Youtube channel, Tim Pool's post today, Styx's notes on outrage du jour, a snatch of HA Goodman's latest claims, and then we turn to the subject of QAnon and the California wildfires.

🕛 Notable Trump engagements with wildfire response will no doubt be mentioned.

🕛 I plug my blog Friends and Foes and Objectivist Living forum (with a brief trawl through this week's notable posts).

📺 VIDEOS cited:

⏩ 🥂 Daily Debunker Episode #23 - Adrenochrome: Super Drug of the Elite -- Mike Rothschild/GrowlTV
⏩ Far Left LOSES, Centrism Wins, Nationalism is NOT Bad -- Timcast:
⏩ Social Justice Policy Is Imploding Due To Anti-Religious -- Timcast
⏩ "I Will Be Indicted" - Jerome Corsi & Mueller Probe -- Lift the Veil
⏩ Arlington Opportunism, or, How the Left Learned to Stop Worrying and Love War -- Styxhexenhammer666
⏩ California Fire Extreme Anomalies - Crankshaft Under The Bed - Cars Dismembered - Tile Transfigured -- mental_boost
⏩ 3.19 - Majority of America Believes in a Deep State/Rothschild Steps Down & Zuckerberg Sells Stock -- Destroy the Illusion
⏩ Democrat Sinema defeats McSally in Arizona U.S. Senate race -- Washington Post
⏩ Daily Debunker Episode #1 - QAnon -- Mike Rothschild/GrowlTV

This is a test area for images - icon vs emoji. 😈 🙈 🙋 🧛‍♂️ 🕵️

I will continue to experiment with cards and end-screens to earlier/later videos to help orient you to other work, and so you easily find outstanding items mentioned in the videos, including off-site links, expanded show notes, allies on Youtube, and so on. [...]


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9 hours ago, william.scherk said:

I even made dinner for family and neighbour today...


And? How'd it go? What did you make? Did they like it?


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I'm sure nobody cares what dinner was, but just in case I mis-read the room:  Mashed potatoes, butter chicken, BBQ chicken, coleslaw, cucumber salad. All made with lurve.

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47 minutes ago, Jonathan said:

Recipes, please?

Use your favourite butter chicken paste from an Indo-Asian supermarket or spice shop, or make your own mix.

Mexicali Butter Chicken

Butter! at least 3 tablespoons

125 g diced red onion
3 chicken breasts, skinned and deboned
~100g spice paste
2 tbs smoked or plain (Hungarian or Mexican) paprika
250 g+ salsa (homemade is best)
~250 g water
(125 g+ sour cream)
125 g+ Balkan yogourt plain 12%
(250 g+ Coffee-cream or half-and-half)

- dice the chicken breast into relatively uniform cubes/chunks and mix with spice paste. You may do this step a day ahead
Melt butter in large saucepan at medium heat; add onions, then chicken.
Spread chicken into compact layer, don't stir until edges show white
Generously add paprika
Stir and spread twice, letting 'juice'  liquid reduce and onions render
(you can transfer to a lidded sauce-pot now)
add salsa and water, continue at medium heat until reduced 1/2 or so
As the other elements of your meal reach perfection, add sour-cream or yogourt or cream and stir in until heated through

[you can 'fake tandoori' the chicken pieces in your oven separately and add to your sauce later. This can render a nice crispy caramel 'crust' to the chicken pieces. We use a heated 'grill stone' in the oven]

BBQ Chicken breast

BBQ sauce:
(mix together) Ketchup, brown sugar, lemon juice, cracked pepper, salt, 'southwestern' BBQ mixed spice (optional).

Using one chicken breast, carefully 'edge' the breast to reduces its thickness to a uniform ~ 1 .5cm
Cut flattened breast into three 'ribs'
Using no-stick copper mesh oven-griller, lay 'ribs' down, coat thickly with sauce
~12 minutes at 400F oven, with one or two applications of sauce (do not overcook)

Cabbage salad

Cabbage, red onion, red pepper, carrot, all shredded or finely sliced.
Dressing is a simple emulsion of white vinegar, sugar, mayonnaise (we use rice wine vinegar), salt, pepper
-- combine shredded items with dressing one-half hour before serving, to keep it crispy and less 'wet'

(you can separately chop fresh spinach into thin shreds)

 Cucumber salad

2 or 3 miniature seedless cukes
Balkan yogourt
Sriracha or Louisiana-style hot sauce
Salt & pepper
-- thinly slice cukes into rounds, and mix with the rest.
(if you have radishes handy, you can grate a couple to add zest to the mix)

This is a 'reconstructed' recipe. There are a thousand roads to Butter Chicken, and this is but one path.  We'd ordinarily serve with jasmine rice, but the 80 year-old doesn't eat rice.


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Can we see Jonathan's or/and other variants of dreamy Butter Chicken?  Or shift this over to a food topic, if.

When the siblings do this stock item, the first opts for Creamybutteriest and the whole prep and cook is under a half hour. The second opts for grillstone oven-tandoor and a punchier Persian-inflected sauce. Cardamon, tangy sweet hints. 

More faux southwestern notes?  Less butter, more bite, served with homemade flour tortillas (or naan). Salsa verde on the side, and the coleslaw items disassembled into toppings. Extra sour cream and homemade Cuban-style pico de gallo. Chicken taco night.

If you add a half-pound of paprika, you got goulash, so fetch up some noodles or fry up some perogies -- instead of rice, bread or potatoes. Although there should always be potatoes, if only to remind us of the famine our Irish ancestors avoided.

With a treasured 80-year old in the house there must always be Meat & Starch No Rice No Pasta, so ... we sometimes have to rename items to pass under the radar. Bacon helps.

Manly Egg Pie, Skillet Chicken, "Hungarian" whatsit, etc.

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Somewhere between 5 and 7, he said absent-mindedly. Thirsty, cranky, hungry, wishing there was more room in his brain. Here's the link and a sneek peek at the show notes:

Notes at the above link teased below. I am live-editing them on advice from my producer.  It's never too late to write a rough script.


#Midterms, #Qanon, #Trump. 🎦 We look briefly at House seats to be called.

🕛 We plug Mike Rothschilds Youtube channel, and have a look at dissent in the QAnon communities -- especially the Great Disappointment. 🕛 Notable Trump engagements with reality will be mentioned. Mostly palace intrigue and Melania, Kelly, Cabinet, Doing the Job Right.

🕛 I plug my blog Friends and Foes and Objectivist Living forum (with a brief trawl through today s notable posts).

📺 VIDEOS featured (3 only, easier):

⏩ 🥂 Daily Debunker Episode #24 - Your Life is a Simulation -- Mike Rothschild/GrowlTV

⏩ QAnon Panel Cancelled / Cali Fires (DEW?) / Voter Fraud / Ireland UFO / Space Force -- Jordan Sather

⏩ Good is Ascendant vs Evil - And the Midterms are SAFE! Don't Worry (But Keep Fighting!) -- Jordan with Dustin Nemos


[Updated URL to perma-link.  I am going to kill my sound-man. The mix is bad for the first while.]

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21 hours ago, william.scherk said:

Can we see Jonathan's or/and other variants of dreamy Butter Chicken?=

I don't have a recipe that I've really liked. I've tried a couple from online sources, and they were kind of blunt, lacking in the subtle balance that can be had at a good Indian grill. I also tried a recipe that a relative from Wisconsin had sent, but it turned out to be kind of a scandinavian farm mom church ladies' recipe book interpretation of Indian food.

Your addition of salsa is an interesting spin.

I'll give your recipe a try.

Thanks again,


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Add salsa to your video recipe!  

Plentiful Show Notes, Angry Mobs, Florida Recount Outrage, Bad Predictions, A dive into the daemonick energies driving the only Rothschild I have personal encounters with.

I am finally starting to get angry responses to the live outings, which I will share tonight. I am going to do a proper sound check at five, and turn on the dang stream at some point after that when I catch the wave. I've realized the 5 is a brand;  none of these other guys rehearse or post a schedule, so now that I often have one or two subscribers 'waiting,' what's wrong with a little suspense.



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