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Glorp Glorp Glorp. Madame Macron is a pedophile. They never stop. Everyone knows that.

Elsewhere on the blog ...

On 11/11/2017 at 11:12 AM, william.scherk said:

Milo Yiannopoulos is one of those people tried in the court of public opinion for 'a defense of pedophilia.' He did not at any time defend pedophilia in so many words, but went on record with an opinion that sometimes boys past the age of puberty can give informed consent to a sexual relationship with an adult. That does not stop anyone from denouncing him as a pedophilia-defender, but hey.

Here is the promised video+audio of Milo Yiannopoulos discussing his youthful sexual activity, through the lens of a provocative gay man, with material from two podcasts, one internet radio show, and a press conference ...


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I realize you might think I speak from a political bias, and I admit I have a political bias, but I actually speak from having produced artists. I know a bit about stage vanity. (Actually I know a lot. Too much. It's why I stopped producing artists. Too much bullshit. :) )

Political agenda-wise, you will never see me give folks like Dennis Hastert a pass. I speak the truth of my eyes and I see from the perspective of what I have lived and learned, not from an ideology that replaces reality.

So here goes.

In those recordings (which I had already heard when Milo left Breitbart), I don't see him trying to persuade anyone about lowering the age of consent, or even normalizing man-boy sex. He did say those things on those days, but soon after he stopped. People who are committed to these causes don't stop. So I believe he was going for the shock effect and fucked up.

In my read of him, he has, let's say, issues about being molested when young. Control issues among them. Milo loathes victimhood, so I believe he felt it was better to say he was in control way back when than to say he was a victim. The idea of being a victim stings to him. And part of his persona is "tell-all." He lays out all of his debauchery to rub people's noses in their own hypocrisy--and he likes to shock people. (His archetype is the Trickster.)

What could possibly go wrong? :) 

I see this because it's like when I talk in public about being a crack addict earlier in life. Why did I choose to start doing that? Well, back when I made the decision, I knew I was going to operate in the public and would probably start living among important public figures (which I don't do much right now, but some great things are coming). So if I said it first, nobody could blackmail me later. I, also, said many times I felt enormous pleasure as a junkie, that crack gives one hell of a high. However, that never meant I believe others should do this drug. I didn't want to shock anyone so I also talked a lot about the downside. If I had wanted to provoke, I would have played the good times up for shock value and left out or downplayed the downside. (Believe me, I have stories, real life stories, too... :) )

Since the time of those recordings, Milo has stated that the way I just read him is what he is about. Having lived what I have lived, I believe him.

And, for the record, I completely disagree with what Milo said on those recordings. A 13 year old has not developed his full cortex, so how can he have any sense in choosing sexual partners? Milo was wrong to say what he did and he got clobbered for his big mouth. But having a big mouth is not the same thing as believing and practicing his own bullshit. In my view, this will not destroy him. On the contrary, it will make him a far more competent provocateur. Call it growing pains as an artist.

So Milo ain't going anywhere. And, further for the record, if it turns out that he really is a pedophile, or starts defending pedophilia (the adults), I will not only disavow him, I will wage war against him.

I don't believe that will happen. Either way, I trust my judgment.


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Here's a Facebook aside from Milo ...


-- the immediate or proximate cause of this plaint is that he was left off or struck off the speakers list at some media whoop-up. [Politicon]

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People can be cruel.  In the midst of some legal drama in Australian courts, a lot of so-called "discovery" material was leaked out onto the dark web (okay, the grey web, doc-drops and so on). Much of this material consisted of text and email 'chains' between Milo! and two erstwhile tour-promotion brothers.  Most of the internal communications show Milo! hurting, which is the cruel part. So I won't link to that here, but to Milo!'s social media outpost at Instagram. An MP4 version so you don't have to go offsite.

Having seen the most desperate emails and texts, I can report that Milo! is bullshitting a bit ...


Far-right activist Milo Yiannopoulos denies being more than $2m in debt


The fallout in a dispute between Milo Yiannopoulos and his former Australian promoters is laid bare in documents published online.


The documents were published on the website of Australian far-right figure Neil Erikson last week.

As part of his attempt to get more money, Yiannopoulos tells them: “I am less financially secure, more panicked and stressed, and more miserable than when we started”.

Despite that, he was determined to make the trip a success and even floated the idea of moving down under to escape the “insane” political scene in the US.

“I am really seriously considering a move to Australia in the next year or two. The political environment in the US is insane. So pulling this off well really matters to me”.

Ben Spiller told The Guardian why they kept sending Yiannopoulos money.

“He has been paid so much more than the original contract warrants, but we threw money after money to try to save the tour and ticket holders.”

In a statement last week, they said they would try and get the money back through legal action.

Yiannopoulos denied he was in financial difficulty, telling The Guardian the documents referred to “company debts, not personal”.

“I’m doing fine and bringing in $40k US a month.”

MIlo! also had some apologies for subscribers to his pay-per-view video series. It was pretty tough on him doing a daily hour ... he also has some words for Jordan Peterson. Such is the scale of his enterprise that no one added useful show-notes or time codes.  


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Kind of a tragic moment for Milo. He's part of the tableau vivant at today's Burkman/Wohl event -- during which a woman read some material claiming she had personal knowledge that Ted Cruz was a "swinger." This follows a series of similar hoax/street theatre wherein Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren and Robert Mueller were each claimed to be involved in lurid sexual encounters.


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I hate to see Milo like that.

He needs to get his sass back and come out swinging.

I hope he does, but I don't know where his head is at right now. My biggest fear for him is if he turned to drugs or something like that.

As to the event itself, I don't know anything about it other than what I saw in these tweets. It seems like celebrity gossip dressed up as more than it is.


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