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Losing it



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OK... time to lose some weight. I am tired of getting old and fat and achy. I joined Weight Watchers and got myself a Tony Little Gazelle Sprintmaster. I'm just starting out and I am motivated and ready to work towards a goal of losing around 30-35 pounds. I will occasionally write about my progress as it is supposed to help keep me on track and motivated.




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Good luck to you, Kat! My mom had much luck with WW.

(When I saw this blog title "losing it" I thought, "oh no..." Good thing it's not what I thought) :lol::)

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Good for you, Kat! I'm sure it will work for you. Weight Watchers is very good. (I should know: at one time or another, I've tried every diet known to man.)

Is Michael going with you?


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This WW thing is a bit more challenging than I expected. They only give me 20 points and I'm hungry!!! I'm trying to get used to eating low fat stuff and less carbs, and there is definitely a difference in taste and texture in diet food. Who knows, maybe I will end up liking those 2 point Fiber One bars that taste like paper to me now but people were raving about them at the WW meeting. I will stick with the South Beach cinnamon raisin bars or my frozen Frappucino bars when I want a 2 point treat, thank you. I suppose yucky is an acquired taste and this is the first time I have ever tried dieting. Surprisingly, switching over to skim milk, fat free dairy and other reduced fat dairy is pretty easy. It is amazing how much fat you can get from dairy. I'm talking about a difference between a scoop of ice cream being 23 points or 2 points. As much as I love ice cream it is not worth all my daily points and then some. I also want to try some more new fruits and veggies. They are mostly freebies when it comes to points. Michael turned me on to papaya (mow-mow) and chayote (shu-shoo) this past week. (I think they talk baby talk in Brazil. :baby: ) I really like the chayote and although the papaya will take a little more getting used to, it mixes well with cantaloupe and other stuff in a smoothie. Let's see, he mixed papaya with cantaloupe, unpeeled apples and nectarines, a little OJ and ice and whipped it up in a blender... YUM!

Michael is not exactly working the program, but he is losing weight without counting points. He will probably go to the core plan if he ever gets with the program. He is an angel for going grocery shopping with me and my points calculator. He doesn't go to the meetings with me because I go to Weight Watchers at work. It is a special program offered to employers by WW and many companies do this to encourage employees to be healthy in order keep their healthcare costs low. If 15 or more people join WW@W they can have someone from WW come in once a week to lead meetings. You can't beat it for convenience. It is Monday during lunch hour. However, if I start going to neighborhood groups, I will drag Michael along. He is also working out on the gazelle, but not every day like moi.

I will keep plugging away though—losing a couple pounds a week. Slow and steady wins the race.



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OK, now the kitten is hissing! Those *%&^%*&%^ spammers put trackbacks in my blog for all kinds of diet drugs and crap. Don't click on their links! Now I have to get tech support involved so I can get those links off my blog.


(edit: I have disabled pings and trackbacks in the community blogs. That seems to have solved the problem.)

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