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POLLS redux ... the good and the bad ...



2 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:


Are these the same pollsters who said Trump's ceiling was 12% or so?

Then 20% or so?

Then 25% or so?

And that his campaign was on the verge of being over? It was imploding? That he would never get minority votes?

And on and on?

Those pollsters?

Are those the pollsters you mean?




2 hours ago, Peter said:

Roger wrote: . . . When all else fails, check your premises. There may be an intruder . . . . who deserves to be exposed for the evil slimeball that he is. end quote

I too, am suspicious of bible thumpers, and anyone who courts the religious, irrational vote, but give Ted the benefit of the doubt. In Michael’s video, Trump’s man Stone uses the word ALLEGED in the National Enquirer article about the lady's mistress, fellatio, and tramp status. He challenged Ted to sue the rag if they are blatantly lying and said he thinks Ted is bluffing. So is that proof of Ted’s sins? He THINKS Ted is bluffing? Alleged?

If Ted were being impeached, that evidence is not admissible in a court of law. It is hearsay. The charges are trumped. If the stories are supplied by paid informants, attention seekers, or political operatives it is not evidence. It is lies. We all know how people think where there is smoke there is fire but what if the smoke is simply an illusion and a dirty campaign trick? What if it is a blatant attempt to tar a candidate with lies? And if some so-called private detectives provoked some ladies to tell fibs is that proof? Ted is innocent until proven guilty.

Jon wrote: Ted is finished. end quote

In the Wisconsin Primary Free Beacon poll Ted is plus five over Trump. In the California Primary the LA Times poll has Trump at plus one. In six polls on RealClearPolitics Clinton is plus six to plus eighteen over Trump, and Clinton is averaging 2.9 percent over Cruz. A lot of pollsters are saying Trump has a ceiling he will never exceed because so many voters view him negatively. Can Trump’s or Cruz’s campaigns overcome their deficits? Ted Cruz’s 3 percent is better than Trump’s 11 percent.  








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