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Great Conversation Starter "Because these are elections, dummy."



Need a political conversation starter? This excerpt from a comment thread on Objectivist Living's topic Donald Trump provides a great beginning.

It doesn't take much analysis to know that discussion goes off the rails the minute you call someone a dummy, and goes into the canyon when you cannot give specifics when challenged.

We will return to the conversation starter in our next entry, and make of it a fresh track for OL Politics for the Blind.

I get tickled by those who say Trump won't bring out the voters.

Those who say "Trump won't bring out the voters" are chumps. Well, if not chumps, then pretty fuzzy communicators. "Trump won't bring out the voters" runs into W5.

When one of the fuzzies shows up here, point him out. I will tickle him with questions.

But this convo is gold, as a guide to dealing with fuzzies who don't grok 'drawing power' and have no coherent argument. The guy, I will call him Fuzzy Chump, talks with a Trump Supporter, briefly. He is coming from the point of view that Trump's 'drawing power' will be tested in elections. Not to be confused with Fuzzy saying "Trump won't bring out the voters" and not to be confused with WSS saying "Premature RubioGasm":

TS: Now, we are supposed to think that this drawing power will somehow evaporate when actual elections happen. Why?

Because they are elections, dummy.

TS: But what's so different about elections in terms of drawing power?

Well... They're elections, dummy. People vote.

TS: Don't people vote in a sense by tuning into a TV channel? Aren't they voting with their time against top entertainment shows?

Man, you're such a dummy! That's different.

TS: You mean, according to you, elections have nothing to do with reality or the public?

Now you're getting it...



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