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Do you trust Trump? Riffs on 'Tyrant'



MSK: I would dare say your post clarify things greatly: you like Trump because he is your kind of tyrant. Okay.


That's one way to frame it, I suppose.

Look at the mess Obama the tyrant has done, or Bush the tyrant has done, or Clinton the tyrant has done, and so on.

I disagree with your core identification, though. These folks were not tyrants and neither will be Trump.

The quest for gobs of power does not necessarily result in tyranny, although the quest for it, and the exercise of it, always has the ugly side I described. I think fools ignore this ugly side, but that's their choice and their religion.

In the USA, there's a little thing called checks and balances. That keeps the formation of true tyrants at bay, not altruism or love or kumbaya (or snark :smile: ).

If you believe that someone seeking large-scale power is doing so for purely humanitarian reasons and has no notion of this negative stuff, that he or she would be horrified to think such things, I say have a good delusion. I'm sorry you feel I'm trying to pop your rose-colored bubble and you need to mischaracterize it as if I'm a tyranny-loving bad guy.

I have yet to meet such a person as the one you apparently believe in who pursues vast power for softhearted reasons. The closest I've ever heard of, I guess, would be someone Lord Acton might have had in mind when he wrote (in a letter to Mandell Creighton): "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely." But I'm damned if I know who that pre-power saint might have been.

Back to frames. Rather than framing this as me being enamored of tyranny, I prefer a frame I read from George Smith.

If the only choice someone gives me is to cut off my leg or cut off my head, I'll keep my head. Now here's my addition. If I can get away with my leg, I'll take that, too. That's my frame for supporting Trump. I get to keep my head and my leg.

With the other candidates, I either lose my head, my leg, or both.

This has nothing to do with liking tyranny, as you imply.

Just because I'm having fun, especially lampooning those interested in my leg and head, that doesn't mean I like the choice.

btw - I don't speak for the others you so cavalierly accuse of loving tyranny (in addition to Me the Moral Monster all of a sudden), but I believe many would agree with me.

Apropos, which part of me are you interested in cutting off and taking home, my leg or my head?



Worthy of pondering. It's a ground game of 'identification' that may be key. Could be Word Games.

Source: Donald Trump

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Why did David think that MSK runs the risk of choosing a 'tyrant'? Does it have something to do with the black box of Trump policies?

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