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From: Run Hillary Run - Still an outside possibility

Brant Gaede



I clicked on the link. I stopped reading it when I read about JFK jr dying in that plane crash.

I'm a pilot. Once I regularly flew my flying club aircraft out of the same New Jersey airport--Caldwell--he departed from. When earning my private license my instructor deliberately (and illegally) took the Cessna 172 into the clouds and told me to fly on instruments. I couldn't do it the first time. My body was screaming don't do! what my mind was saying do instead, looking at the instruments. I was suffering from complete spatial disorientation. We were in a climbing right turn near a stall and maybe a spin. (I've also spun a 172 twice--same instructor.)

That's what happened to JFK jr. Not enough training. Flying at night and over water too boot. He lost control of his twin-engined airplane and killed himself and his passengers not realizing the situation could be saved simply by letting go of the controls if the craft was properly trimed for the power setting as it damn well should have been. You see, if you let go of the controls you feel you're letting go of your salvation and salvation comes from magnifying your control inputs according to what your body feels. You die in a panic of why oh why aren't the inputs doing what my body says they should be doing? Not enough input!--input more inputs or die!

So, my unscientific conclusion is the site is crap.


when I know what I'm talking about I'm worth reading

Source: Run Hillary Run - Still an outside possibility


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