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The Tablets Of Reason



Here are the returns from the search for Moralist's mentions of 'reason' since his beginnings here, in order of appearance.

In the overwhelming majority of mentions, reason is a plain noun, A Reason, One Reason, Many Reasons. A few mentions are adjectives, Reasonable, or adverb, Reasonably. The only times he uses Reason as a functional noun, as a faculty, a process, an ideal or tool -- the mentions are usually accompanied by a sneer. In a few places he refers to Reason neutrally. Each mention of the word is hyperlinked to its containing OL comment.

These findings suggest to me that Moralist has no actual point of contact with Reason as most OLers understand it: rational, logical cognition. If he were asked to define Reason, I believe he would be stumped. He has never written "My Reasoning," and chances are he never will.

I don't know how to make the following list more readable, so you are forwarned. My faves are 41, 51. 84, 89, 96 and 97. My all-time favourite is a to-the-death tossup between 89, "When a feminine ideology resides within a male it causes them to (un)reason," and 96, "Jonathan holds the leftist definition of "logic and reason"... while I do not."

Some of this is gold, ladies and gentlemen.

VI.V.MMXV The Tablets of Reason as told by The Moralist
  1. Everything that happens does serve a reason and a purpose
  2. everything happens for a reason
  3. greenblot.jpg politics had overruled reason.
  4. greenblot.jpg Although in AS, Ayn Rand's reason prevailed when she demonstrated how a gun was used as a necessary tool
  5. This is one reason I don't watch television
  6. greenblot.jpg By any measure of human reason, just DNA itself is a highly sophisticated infinitely intelligent physical design.
  7. (for some reason, the posting and editing function on this forum is running bare bones, so I spell out the smilies.)
  8. "George is a Spanish speaking minority with many black family members and friends. He would be the last to discriminate for any reason whatsoever.
  9. you are doing business at the wrong time, in the wrong place, with the wrong people, and for the wrong reason.
  10. There's a reason why he's so adamant in doing that, but it doesn't matter what it is.
  11. pink_Dot.jpg But objective moral law is not created by that process. How it works can only be discovered by calm centered reasonable observation.
  12. greenblot.jpg It is us who need to observe and use reason in dealing with it [electricity], so that we don't destroy ourselves.
  13. I knew a guy in the Dispensary who completely filled in my shot record for the rest of my tour so that I never had to get another shot. As long as I wasn't behaving like almost everyone else, there was no reason for me to get sick
  14. I'd add a smiley, except I've devolved back into Neanderthal basic posting mode for some odd reason.
  15. There would have to be a real world reason to cause your imaginary situation.
  16. Tourism is the second-largest reason people go to D.C.; No. 1 is to beg for a government handout.
  17. You just offered an excellent reason for why I avoid any direct contact with the financially TOXIC debt economy, so as not to become contaminated by its contagion.
  18. I don't care why people do what's right. The why is irrelevant because the results are the same regardless of the reason.
  19. One reason for its [gold's] relatively stable value is that it takes the objective reality of real world labor to mine, refine, and mint.
  20. There's always a reason when a myth could be so durable as to be able to persist in so many widely varied forms for thousands of years..
  21. That's one reason why insurance premiums have been steadily rising way faster than inflation.
  22. Another reason for rising costs is that there is no competition as long as the person receiving healthcare services is not the one directly paying for them.
  23. Another reason costs keep going up is that each participant in the pyramid is supporting a huge parasitic bureaucracy with thousands and thousands of employees who produce absolutely nothing except to process insurance billing, keep records, and transfer wealth from one person to another.
  24. There's no reason for the insurance pyramid not to crumble.
  25. I stated my preference for rural living away from urban mobs, as well as offering a reason why.
  26. But that's not as dire [a choice] as it might sound, for you're certain that you had already made the right choice so there is no reason why you wouldn't be perfectly content to live and die by it.
  27. And that's one reason why the pharmaceutical sector is so huge.
  28. Sorry... for some reason I'm stuck in default primitive edit mode.
  29. Everything happens for a reason, and just because we don't comprehend the reason does not mean that there isn't a reason.
  30. Well, that was the obvious point Helen [Ellen Stuttle] had refused to even acknowledge... and there is a reason for that.
  31. The reason these archetypes endure over time is because there are gems of truth within them.
  32. There was a specific reason I chose this trade.
  33. For some reason I've lost the quote function.
  34. Thanks Bob... you've just offered yet another reason why not to become a slave to debt.
  35. And for an irrefutably valid reason.
  36. There's a specific reason for taking this topic to the personal level.
  37. This is one reason I positively HATED school.
  38. That's one reason why I softened my question to "do what's morally wrong".
  39. And the reason is that I already understand that you (as well as many of the other folks here) have already chosen your path and will follow it straight to your grave
  40. There is no reason it would, because it was a New Testament event relevant to Christianity.
  41. greenblot.jpg And what of your own unfounded religious faith (unsupported idea) in the validity of the bitcoin pyramid scam which has no basis in observation and reason?
  42. greenblot.jpg My answer is that you already know, and if you don't already know for yourself, there would be no way of knowing the veracity of my answer which is based on my own observation and reason.
  43. greenblot.jpg Dean had made a comment about faith and reason.
  44. There is a reason you chose one chart over the other.
  45. pink_Dot.jpg It'll only drive you crazy because there's no reason to be found in the feminized liberal lunacy over firearms.
  46. The reason there are so many different sects of Christianity is because of all the different interpretations of the Scriptures.
  47. That would all depend on the reason why it is "seized".
  48. In my opinion, the reason she had a bone to pick with religion because she could see the brass underneath the gold plating of so many who were acting under the color of religious authority.
  49. And the only reason it is not working as it was designed by the Founders is because of catastrophic personal moral failure on a massive scale.
  50. The reason you're trying to engage me in an argument is that you disagree with my view.
  51. redblot.jpgpink_Dot.jpg Those two are not antithetical, for not all faith is unreasonable, just as not all "reason" is reasonable.
  52. Your side is only to do what's right even if you do it for the wrong reason.
  53. Right reasons always come later as you learn.
  54. That's an even better reason why you'll never be free.
  55. This is the reason you handle reality so poorly, and can only end up complaining about how you are a slave...
  56. This is the reason I went into business for myself.
  57. If you're scared to be in a good mood for no good reason, that's not actually a good mood in the first place. It's a bad one.
  58. redblot.jpg It is not something people "have" to do, as if it required an effort of their will, or that they are forced to abandon their reason or their rationality.
  59. There's a reason that behavior made it into the TopTen.
  60. There is another reason pleasure is sought out, and that is to temporarily escape from pain.
  61. But the effect on the world of doing what's morally right for what you subjectively believe is a "wrong" reason, is nevertheless exactly the same.
  62. You just assume that it is, and that's one reason why you're confused.
  63. And that's another reason.
  64. People don't always begin doing what's right for all the right reasons, but it still makes them better people as they discover that it is in their own best interests to do it, even if for any reason.
  65. ...regardless of the reason, right or wrong.
  66. The real reason is loyalty..
  67. ...all the more reason to build your own Gulch.
  68. You don't agree with my opinions, so it logically follows that my reason is useless to you.
  69. You would be far better served by looking for your own reason instead of trying to find it in others.
  70. There is something beneficial about calm centered self awareness that creates a positive feedback loop inside which can rob symptoms of their reasons to exist...
  71. Sometimes the reason for a symptom to exist is simply being bothered by it. But if it can no longer upset us, there is no emotional energy on which to feed, so it gives up and leaves.
  72. For you there is absolutely no reason that you would ever regard moral accountability for your own choices in life as a rational thought.
  73. There is a reason the Palestinians have better lives in the 15% than in the 85%: It's the Jews.
  74. One reason (of many others) the government exists exactly as it is today is because people need something to hate and to blame for their failure to properly order their own lives.
  75. It's not even necessary to try to supply a reason.
  76. There is a specific reason I purposefully do not make that case.
  77. For these reasons I resigned as President, and left the group.
  78. ...and there is a reason for that
  79. For the same reason this explains the rise to dominance of the Islamic fascists.
  80. This is one reason you see so much economic inequality for which the moochers, being true to Marx, blame (unjustly accuse) the producers for their own failure.
  81. The graph won't show up because for some reason it's not permitted so I made a representation of the two axes.
  82. That's bound to happen when you believe that the only reason anyone could disagree with your view is because they don't understand it.
  83. pink_Dot.jpg Within their evil ideology they functioned reasonably and logically...
  84. greenblot.jpg Consider the Islamic fascists, it was their reason and logic and efficiency that successfully flew planes through the buildings.
  85. Ludwig just offered a good reason not to put money in a bank, or spend money on insurance policies, or be insolvent and dependent on a pension.
  86. This is why you are so ill equipped to deal with the here and now, and is the reason you blame (unjustly accuse) the government for your own failure to live in the present.
  87. Which is the reason why you are so poorly equipped to deal with the present with a mind so stuck up in the dead past.
  88. But that's the will of the majority, and exists for no other reason than it is what most people have demanded.
  89. redblot.jpg When a feminine ideology resides within a male it causes them to (un)reason.
  90. There's no reason for me to get angry at you, Brant... because I don't get the consequences of your view.
  91. There's obviously a reason you're being so evasive about not disclosing the composer or posting an artist actually performing the song.
  92. Escaping moral accountability is every liberal's wet dream, and it is the reason why they're failures in life.
  93. If it's true, that means that if there is no God there is no reason to do what's morally right.
  94. redblot.jpg Certainly not the amoral "logic and reason" of the feminized left.
  95. redblot.jpg That all depends by what standard you reason, Brant...
  96. redblot.jpg Jonathan holds the leftist definition of "logic and reason"... while I do not.
  97. redblot.jpg So naturally what he worships as "reason and logic" in modern abstract art, I regard as random baby drool
  98. Look, there is no reason for you to change your view of being nothing more than your physical brain.
  99. The reason our two views differ is because you believe the lie that the government creates people in its own image...
  100. Exceptional men like Washington are the reason why America has lasted this long despite the millions of termites chewing away at its foundation.
  101. For exactly the same reason that people debate everything else...
  102. Israel is also exceptional for the same reason.
  103. pink_Dot.jpgUnreasonably responsible... you nailed it, Brant.
  104. It's one reason Satan is also referred to as the Accuser...
  105. That's a likely reason why Newberry didn't bother me.
  106. There's a reason that dung slinging is associated with leftism.
  107. ...and the only reason those rights are eroding for others is that they are not living lives deserving of them.
  108. greenblot.jpg Wright effectively communicated reason with his design...
  109. greenblot.jpg It effectively communicates reason to me...
  110. redblot.jpg Jonathan naturally reasons differently from me as we each live by completely different values.
  111. greenblot.jpg And only your own life can convince you of the quality of your reason
  112. NEW There's a reason for that, Brant. Jonathan is addicted to contention
  113. NEW And that reason is the values that many blacks chose to live by....
  114. NEW There's no reason involved, Adam.... just a totally subjective personal impression.

Source: I will not die it's the world that will end


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