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From Acerbic_Critique: Objectivist Contradictions;




I hate to be the fly laying eggs, given I'm newest one flying around here, but something has to be done about the spoiled meat of contradiction, and nature is ever-efficient and I didn't want to call myself a cockroach. Seriously though, the stench is really getting overwhelming and it's spoiling a perfectly good Rand worship-fest.

I cannot help but notice that no one is discussing the most apparent of contradictions -- not of Ms. Rand herself, who while flawed like any human being, does a workwoman-like job of expressing her philosophies, opinions and rationalizations for almost slavish service to both id and ego and in so doing makes self-indulgence and narcissism seem like hard work rather than the fun activities they should be.

No, I'm talking about all you fine gentlemen (note, most of you are gentlemen) who, while rejoicing in Ms. Rand's freedoms practically go into full tonic-clonic seizure mode when "ladies" ...especially "your ladies" wish to practice the most fundamental of freedoms, especially from governmental intervention into their most private of private places.

I trust I need go into no further detail.

Any relationship a current era Ayn Rand might have with the republican party of today would be awkward, and any relationship with the Tealaban wing of the Tea Party would be downright NOT possible. I suppose this might have been better placed in the political forum, but it seems perfectly appropriate here as well, and I'm very interested in hearing what you learned men have to say!

Source: Objectivist Contradictions


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"Tealaban," Hilarious! Never heard that before. I haven't got into the Tealabans, so I have no idea what they are saying.

Your second paragraph also amusing, particularly in how you end it (to which I might agree).

As to your comment about interference with "Ladies' most fundamental of freedoms," what are you referring to? Rand was clearly for the women's right to choose whether to continue, or abort, a pregnancy. I believe that most Objectivists agree. There are a few who agree with the conservatives who want to ban abortion at any stage.

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