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From Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida.

The moderator, Bob Schieffer.

At bottom, some suggested questions from the LA Times dude Jon Healey.

[schieffer has not shared his questions with anyone he say. He says the Audience has agreed to shut the fuck up]

Gentlemen, rules, divide in segments. 2 minutes each, then a general discussion.

50 years after Cuban Missile Crisis. Unexpected threat from abroad.

Challenge of a changing middle east and the challenge of terrorism

1st question Libya. Four dead. What happened, where was policy failure ....

Romney, you said unravelling before our eyes.

R. Obfiously an are of great concern to the whole world and america too.l Hope oderation opportunity womenb public life economic events.

Instead .... Syria 30L deak Libya 4 some tyope of terrorist Mali Egyipt MUuslim prseident

Can't kikll ouer way out fo thuis placel

Comperhensive strategy for Islamic xtremism Must have comprehensive stragegy

O: Keep america safe end war on Iraq. Foc7us on core leadership of kilole3rs.l Transition ouf od afghaistanb. Bulid allienance c ombat future threats.

Libay debate phone call. Secure americans, investigate. Goi after those who killed bering to justice.

Zstep back and think what happened. I and ame3ricans international coalition. KLow cost, 40 years got rid of a despot who hgad kille3d Americans.

America is our friend,k marchingb in Benhazi.

Romeny, gotta tell you, your strartwegty is alkl ovcwer the plkace.

R. go aftwer the bad guys. Broader. Kety pathgway. Rejec t on its own righgt courase. go after leaders against anit-am groups.l

Arab sc holars help the world UN . More econo mic aid, development, direct foreign inbvestiment



Rule of Law

Rioting tide of Chaoes

Alqaeda rusginbg in

Libay Egyp 80 million.l Mali

\Syria, Kill own people. And of course Iranbn


O: You said Russia. You said Russia. Cold war over twennty years. Our foreign policy, you want the 1980s. Not interested in Iraq? More troops? You shouel have gone into Iraq, despite. Still have teroops. Indicated we should not be passing treaties with Russia. 77 sentator.l No timeline, Yes, . No, Maybe. Confused. WS

Strrong steady leadershgip, not all ove tyhe map.;

Yoyir opinions all over the map.

R: they not accurate. Middle East reject terrorist tumult and c onfusion. Attacking me is not an agenda. Stem tide of bioelnce

Russia is geopolitical foe. Iran is our I have clear eyes about Putin, after the election he will get more back talk.

Status oif forces agreemenbtn

No says Ob ama. 10000 troops.

Romney, I concurred.

O: we should still have troops in Iraq.

R: you failed

O: I have learned as commander in chiefl You have to be clear and firm. That is not a recipe, yours, opportunity, challenge. Canbnot just meet military, I will numb wer one supporin g coutern terrorism. two stanbd by Israil. Threa relspect ereligious minorities and womeb., four Econcomin. fivc e can't continbue to do nationb bulinbg there, nationb builkidb gthgere at ghomne.




1000 people killed, domos (wrong)

Mr Prez,l you told Assad to go, should we reassess our policy ?

O; we organized the internationbal community,k sanctins, isolation, humanitarianb, syrians must determine its ownb future. We coooperated with Israel and Turkey. heartbreaking. Ev erything we can to help opposition. We can get entangled is serious, we have to be careful.l We have to watch weapons. What we cannot do is sim0ply suggest we give heavy weapionbsn to the opposition is a simpple poropositions.

R: Syria 30k dead. Iranbn route to the sea to Hezbollah. Seeing him go is critical. three we want military involvement without military invol ment

get a coucniel then give them arms.l Wrong hands. coordinated alies, with Israiel. >Saudi Qatar Turmys. Effective policy arm the inbsurgents. HE will go. Have friendshipo wit peo0ple who take its place. Syria as our friend is critical.

Prez said UN. Kofi Annan. Russians. We should lead, not on the ground with guns.

O: we do. Libya. How we make choices. We could go in, gaddafi. Romeny supported libya. You suggest missionb creep. We pull out? Blood on US hands more than Osama. We did it careful thoughtful, used forces for moderation work with on the gournd. Same on Syuria.

Sch: No fly zone?

R: no military in Syria. New government friendly to us. Get armed then. Remove assad. Not military involvement on the side of our troops.

Support our troops. Time for American role. Find parties, bring responsible parties. Insurgents are unified with coucncil.American can make that happen.

Then get arms.

O": quick.; Romney says blah. We are doing exactly what we should be doing. We will continue.

Sch: Inb Egypt, you said Mubarak go. Regret:?

O: no, JFK Us leadership. I say now democratically government, they must protect religious minorities and women. Critical. Education women. abide by treaties with Israel. RED LINE. Cooperate in counterrevolution.Re

Younbg people with opportuniites, must like here. jobs, swhcool, roof over head, better life.

We do it. Conferences with Egyptians, not corrupt, transparent. FoR us TO be like out there int he world, we have to do things at home. We cannot lead without blah.

Sch: Mubarak?

R: better vision of the future. Energy for freedom transition, not explode. Explode felt same as Prez. Egypt Principles. Crushing people bad.

What is our purpose. We are peaceful. Bvright prosperous future. Mantle of princi0ples of peace is for ameraic. Principle of peace means we must be strong,k Iran debt amkes us not a great country. Debt is national security weakeness. Strong military. Terrific soldiers, blah.

No military cuts.

Allies essential. We have allies 42 allies aroun d the world.

In nowhere today is America's influence stronger than four years ago.



R: Princi0ple to Peace. Freedom list vote princ8iples Conflict. wha

t to end conflict

Must be strong. America must leAD


Kids in college no jobs economy go8ing. Strengthen our mnilityar. Confront challenges. No terror in 200 debate

Alies tentions unfortunate israel

Poland. Disrupting. Green revolution

principles Iran strong

O: we are strong. We ended Iraq, focus, on alliances neglected. Alliances never stronger in Eur Asia, Africa. Threat Po

sition ourself to rebulid amercia

Manufacturing Education jobs retraining tomorrow ontrol our own energy,k get iol imports down, lclean energy. c ut expo0rts in half Leadership. Reduce deficit. Reposnible. Weatlthy pay more. Research Technology.

Ronneyt takes a differnce apporack Wronbg and Reckless. Bush Cheney. Back to those days. Not the way we take leadershio;

R: I knowq what it takes to create millions of jobs. Fouer years. unemploym ent Get america working again, rising pay. Five simple steps. Iole. Oil. GTrade.l Latin Amecian. Latin economy. Almost a big as china. Latin America. Traning program.l Schools with parents first teacher and unions behind.

Entreprener. Greece. Going to greace spe3ndinbg and borrowing binge. Sma

ll buisness. New business 30 years down. Get hgood jobs.

O: what do we ned to competer?

IN Mass you were low small business develop0. You don't help. Small business is not you and me.

Example.; Education po.licyt.L>eader

Reform education. Gains in schools. Straring to make progress. Hire more teachers in math and science. Make a difference

Romney said class sizes do not make a difference. M<athi teache

rs need support that will new business, hig skill, your budget, not a dime more, slash suppoert for education undermines our long-term importance. power.

R: proud of our 4th graders and our 8th graders. How did we do it. Education bipartisan. Great teacher in classroom. Ten years in office kept shools numbwer one.

Graduation examijnh, Compete quarter tuition free ride?

Sch: We have heard this

You want bigger navy, Where's the money?

R: Curt 5 percent discretionary.

Come on our website 8-10 yaers., Obamacare. Can't affort. Day One.

Programme after programmed get rid of.

Keep Midciad poor give to states efficient. Giv e me programme. I can run better Arizone prove Mideical does cost-effectiviely. Balanced budge. Milki

Military: Should have answered the first qauestion.

O: Math does not work. Trirllion on military. up each year spend we spend china russian france you tname it. I worked with joints staff. What we can'[t do is spend 2 more trillion. Five trillion. Close loophols do not name. Somehow deficit. Math does not work.

Military not just budget but capabilities, cyberseceruity, deri en by what we need. That our budget Reduce deficie. security concern

Project military power overseas.

R: Olympics, balanced budgets. cut taxxes. President not. I expect to balance the budge. Our navy is small. we headed to the low 200. We need ships we need FDR air force two conflicts at one. change . Highest resonsibility. i will not cut our military budget. Sequestration cuts. Less certain.

O: Sequestration will not happen. It is not reducing. Submarines are not ships. How are we goind to meet all our defence needs. Veterans suppoert. That is not reflected in your budge

Sch: REd lines. would either of you be willing to declare that an attack on Israel is an attack on the US. Would this deter Iran, this worked with the Soviet Union.

O: If America stanbd with Israel if attacked, Strong military alliance3. This week Iran, will not get nukes. We organized coalintion. Crippling econommmy, ishamblkes Reason is the treat to Israel . Cannot have arms race in this part of world. Iran is a state sponsor of terrorist Israel wiped off. Iran has choice take diplomatic route of united world and take nothibgn off the talbe.

Premature miliatryer action . Last resort.

R: Underscore Obama. Israel. Iran. No question nuclear Iran unacceptable. Blah

canbnbot take it any more,

Schieffer has laid out six general areas to explore, including Afghanistan/Pakistan, the prospect of an Iranian nuclear weapon and what Israel might do about it, "the changing Middle East and the new face of terrorism," and China. But the topic that could draw out the clearest difference between the candidates is the one Schieffer calls "America's role in the world." Or, in a word, leadership.

Here are a few questions I hope Schieffer asks that could help viewers cut through the posturing to see how Obama and Romney might handle foreign-policy challenges in different ways:

Under what circumstances should the United States go it alone to advance its foreign-policy interests, as opposed to working in concert with its allies?

Russia and China have blocked or undermined a number of U.S. foreign-policy efforts, such as pressuring Iran to abandon its nuclear weapons program. What's the right U.S. response to those two countries?

Does the United States' image in the rest of the world matter, and if so, what's the best way to enhance it?

Under what circumstances would you commit U.S. combat forces to intervene in an uprising such as the ones that have been occurring in the Middle East?

If Israel bombs Iranian nuclear facilities, how should the United States respond?

Both candidates have said they intend to withdraw combat forces from Afghanistan in 2014. What developments, if any, might delay that withdrawal?

Should there be a peace dividend with the end of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, or should the United States maintain its defense spending at its pre-withdrawal level?

The administration has come under sustained criticism for its evolving explanation of the attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya. What should the administration have done differently, and what's the lesson for how to comment on such incidents in the future?

What limits should there be on the use of Predator drone strikes outside the battlefield in Afghanistan?

What steps, if any, should the United States take to promote a better global response to climate change?

Finally, is China illegally manipulating the value of its currency? If so, what can the United States do about that without triggering a trade war, or giving other nations an excuse to brand the United States a currency manipulator based on the Federal Reserve's efforts to bring down interest rates?


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