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Oct 27 2006, 03:52 PM

I just finished watching a DVD video called "The Secret". It is a documentary about a secret, known by all the great, successful men throughout history, a secret because the average wage slave doesn't know about it.

The topic I am about to discuss is metaphysical and has some grounding in quantum physics. I am writing about the Law of Attraction.

It is the primary secret of success. It embodies visualizing what you want, and aligning yourself in harmony with the universe to cause events to occur which lead to the attainment of that goal.

The process of visualization is essential to the attainment of a goal. If you don’t have a dream and a clear vision of what you want to achieve or gain, you won’t get there. Visualizing where you want to be in a certain amount of time is the first step.

Dating all the way back to the when I saw and wanted the very first component which went into the current day sound system, a Spectro Acoustics 210 Equalizer, I took home the sales brochure from the music store and pinned it to my wall. Every day, I looked at that picture and visualized it as being mine in the near future. It was a lot of money for me at the time and I had to work hard to afford it, but eventually, that vision lead to the manifestation of concrete reality.

Thoughts are things. Our thoughts lead to very tangible things. Our thinking attracts whole chains of events. Visualization is the beginning of that thought process.

My vision for Bass Pig (back then, just a real cool stereo system) was evolving over time. I remember way back when, a time when I thought it would be grand to have a couple of top of the line Heathkit speaker systems and a Heathkit AA-1640 power amplifier. My rig at the time was a pair of home-brew tube amps with push pull 6L6’s, driven by a Fisher TX200 amplifier with the preamp circuit tapped to drive the separate tube units. Hey, my friends thought it was pretty cool, but I wanted more.

I began to look at industrial professional speakers in a music store that sold a lot of PA equipment. Electro-Voice had just introduced the 15L, 15B, and 18B series woofers. They were pretty “killer” stuff back in those days. So I saved my pennies and visualized them as mine. I ate, drank, and slept with my mind focused on having a pair of those bad boys in my livingroom. And in time, with enough overtime work, I was able to afford them. It was almost an obsession. You have to want something badly enough to attract them to you.

Throw out all negative thoughts. Each negative thought attracts bad things. You have to believe that the goal is attainable, but to the Law of Attraction, like Yoda in the original Star Wars movie, “size matters not.” The size of your dreams and goals does not matter. If you truly want to attain whatever that goal may be, and you are totally committed to making it happen, it is attainable. The universe will accommodate you. All you have to do is ask.

There will be good and not so good days. Everyone has their off days. Those days you work, but on the good days, you work with passion, toward your goal. This is the essential key to wealth and the achievement of any goal you might imagine.

So why does this work? Quantum physics explains that our thoughts affect particles. The observer observing an experiment, affects the experiment based on his thoughts. If an experiment involves determining whether light is a stream of particles, or a waves of energy, the observer’s beliefs and thoughts about which theory is correct will determine whether the experiment yields one theory or the other.

What this means is that we are all connected to one big energy field in the universe. Our thoughts are far more important, and influential, than we are normally taught to understand. Conventional thinking says that it’s impossible for one’s mind to have an external effect on events.

But a couple of examples come to mind which seem to back up the the external influence theory: you’re riding your bike when all of a sudden you get a preminition that that kid down the block is going to ride his Big Wheel into your path, causing you to have to brake abruptly. The next thing you know, the kid cuts you off, you apply the brakes and go end over end, landing on your back with the bike on top of you (this actually happened to me). Or you’re driving down a deserted country road and you see a few deer around, and you think one of them might run out in front of you, and almost before you’ve finished the thought, a deer darts out right in front of the car, with no room to stop and you hit that deer. These are examples of negative thought processess attracting negative results.

Now the process works for positive results too, although man tends to like to dwell on negative things for some strange reason, so more often than not in life, negative events dominate a lot of people’s lives.

People who talk and think about illness a lot tend to be ill themselves. People who are obsessed with how devastating their debts and financial woes are, tend to attract even more debts and loss of income. It is too easy to dwell in the negative stuff.

The key to success is to consciously reject every negative thought that comes to mind, and focus on the positive, stay focused on your goals and think about them –visualize them constantly. Put up a “vision board” –a bulleting board where you pin up photos of the things you want to achieve –whether it be a new home, a nice car, or.. a better subwoofer. Whatever it is, learn to become obsessed with your positive goals and dreams. This stuff works. I’ve felt it happen in my own life and I’ve had some amazing things happen, which, the odds of which happening were, now that I look back on them, very slim. And if I had been thinking negative about them, I would not have achieved them, because I would have been asking the universe to give me failure instead of success.

At an earlier time in my life, when my parents were both alive, there was a lot of negativity in the air. They were both "students of Objectivism" and as such, very much grounded in conventional reality. They had illnesses and struggled to live with this condition upon their lives, but were unable to visualize themselves well and fulfilled. Instead, they were so grounded in the reality and relied on doctors for help with their physical problems, that they got worse and worse. Mother became profoundly depressed. In fact, when Ayn Rand passed away on March 6, 1982, she lost all hope for the world and her personal condition took a nosedive. She spent the next few years in and out of hospitals and died a few years later. Father was devastated by this, and never regained his former enthusiasm for life. Instead, he dwelled on the lack of money, the bills and the property taxes. All that negativity eventually gave him cancer, in the form of acute lymphoblastic leukemia. He died in the hospital, three days after the diagnosis was told to him.

Once, wrote in the forums here that I had wondered if Objectivism had poisoned me. I have come to suspect that there are aspects of metaphysical reality that go beyond the sharply-defined scope of Objectivism. The philosophy is a good guide for dealing with everyday living situations, but I am starting to suspect that our minds play a more significant role in reality than we first thought.

My mother was so strictly Objectivist that Dad could not enjoy having friends over to the house for dinner. She would give everyone the third degree and practically grill them, figuratively, about their premises, and if they were religious--watch out--sparks were going to fly! I remember one of my dad's invited guests was so upset by her attacks that he got up and fled the house!

Mom's adherense to strict rules of Objective thinking made her unable to consider that her mind was a part of the universe and that quantum physics were involved in her thought processes influencing her health. I do believe that her grounding in Objectivism made her so unhappy with the realization that the world would never be that Utopia that she desired, that it drove her to insanity.

It took me decades to consider anything beyond Objectivism's basic principles, which are based on the premise that existence is all that our senses perceive and nothing more, to consider some of the ideas of quantum physics and the role of the observer as part of the experiment. Another example is Schrödinger's cat, a thought experiment conducted by the German scientist of that name, in which the observer somehow influences the results of the experiment on a subatomic level.

My life didn't really start to take off in terms of achievements, until both my parents were gone. As horrible as that sounds, the removal of their negative thinking from my life enabled me to plan my own life that much more deliberately and with much greater success.

I remember when I went to go visit my future wife in the Philippines many years ago, we had been writing and were pen pals and I never imagined prior to that time that a lovely lady like that would be writing to me. And when she asked me to visit her, despite my circumstances, I broke down a whole lot of mental barriers and chose to have faith and get on that plane. I could have given myself a hundred reasons not to go, but something was telling me that I must go. And when those fears and negative feelings crept up, I reminded myself of the good feelings of communicating with this lovely lady and I pulled myself through and kept the visions positive. Some of my friends quietly thought I was crazy, going to a foreign country in the Third World, to go and meet God-knows whom or what. I never let those thoughts of what might happen bad enter my head for more than a nanosecond. I instead focused on the belief and faith that my future fiancee and later wife was true to her word and that she would be there at the airport to greet me. And, well, the rest is history. We’ve been happily married for quite some time and have a lovely daughter who is the apply of my eye.

There is a limit to what I can write in this short space, but I wanted to get these thoughts down here now, in the event that they might resonate with someone who happens to come across this page one day. Thoughts are things. Think about that. The mind is powerful and dangerous if used improperly –or it has the capacity to make your dreams and goals happen. It’s up to you.


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