Dawson Bethrick's blog "Existence and Perception" 4-28-18

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Fundamental principles are the most critical part of philosophy to get right since all inferences, deductions and applications of its principles depend on their truth, their defensibility, and their suitability as fundamentals. Unfortunately it is philosophy’s fundamentals that are often the most misunderstood or even the least developed, either because they have not been securely identified, their truth is taken for granted and therefore deemed unworthy of deeper attention, or they have been disfigured through filters foreign to that philosophy.

 In this blog Dawson discusses a comment by a reader asking how to distinguish between dream states and reality by use of Objectivism's basic metaphysic axioms.  I first learned of Objectivism from Dawson Bethrick's blog and have often found his writings useful in understanding Objectivism and the lack of justification for mythological beliefs.

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