A Victor Hugo date in history

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According to Google   today  (June 30)  is an anniversary of the date in 1862   when Victor Hugo completed the last chapter  of  Les Miserables  his very famous novel.

Also among  the works of Hugo  is "Toilers of the Sea".  Does anyone  know if a motion picture version of that novel has been made?  It has all the elements.  Thwarted love and man fighting octopus.   In your face, Jules Verne.  In Atlas Shrugged Dagney seeks the inventor of a machine that uses the Casimir effect to produce energy.  In Toilers the protagonist Giallat  seeks a lost steam engine.  Big deal(!), you might have said.  In those days,  the early and middle 19 th century (the period during which the plot unfolds) steam engines  were  the cutting bleeding edge of high tech. 

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