Wolf DeVoon

Ann Coulter at Berkeley

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UC Berkeley tried to cancel Ann Coulter's speech sponsored by college Republicans, scheduled for April 27, but Coulter said she's going anyway (remark to Tucker Carlson: "What are they going to do, arrest me?") Now UC Berkeley has offered to have her speak on May 2, when few students will be on campus and no classes in session. Coulter rejected the date in a tweet a few minutes ago, will be there April 27 whether they like it or not.

WaPo comments were the most awful imaginable: "Let the terrible people win" -- as a defense of free speech!


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On ‎4‎/‎21‎/‎2017 at 2:03 AM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

After so much time, the left isn't used to the right pushing back hard.

Especially at Berkeley.

They're learning, though.



Push it! Push it real good! We must save the U.S.S. Enterprise. Ann has a column today June 22 in Townhall. I may go back and read it. She may be a $%^^&& but she is our ^&*((0_^


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