Objectivist Esthetics, R.I.P.

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7 hours ago, Jonathan said:

That's what "subjective" means.

And, yeah, I know the Rand's followers don't like to accept the idea that their own subjectivity is subjective. They want t believe that they are purely objective, so they try to substitute the word "personal" for "subjective."

Wanna know why Objectivism is fading away, and having less and less cultural influence? The reason is this type of kooky denial of reality. "I'm an Objectivist, so therefore my tastes, emotional reactions, and psychologizings of others are 'personal but objective.'"

Clownshow. Grade school approach to philosophy.

You're the one who is confused. Obeying Rand destroyed your ability to be logical and rational.

Rand bluffed. She faked reality. And you prefer her fantasy to reality.  She declared that there were objective definitions and objective means of measuring/evaluating aesthetic phenomena, and then committed blatant contradictions to her definitions, practiced double standards, arbitrarily exempted certain art forms from her own rules, and said that delivering the actual objective means of aesthetic evaluation was "outside the scope" of the current discussion. She never delivered it. She ridiculed others for not delivering it (heh, and there's no evidence that she ever read their theories, and, in fact, the straw men that she angrily attacked strongly suggests that she had no idea what, say, Kant, Kandinsky, Mondrian, Frankenthaler, Rothko, Pollock, Warhol and many others thought or proposed philosophically), and she just arbitrarily declared that they were wrong and that she was brilliant and right and could really easily deliver the objective means, but she never did. It remains outside the scope of Objectivism. It's all bluff. It's unscholarly, messy, amateurish, self-contradictory, novice work.


My idea is that Rand needed more than one definition of art--one for each type of art. For me, however, art is an abstraction of reality (to get deeper into reality?)


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