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  1. Donald Trump

    Yes, he did. Showed me to the light, 100%.
  2. Donald Trump

    Every single day. The Saudi wing of the Bush Crime Family is in a cage. Their ISIS is liquidated. Detente with Russia, China, Iran. Destruction Of Democrat Party, Podesta Group, Clinton Crime Family, Hollywood. Even the pedos are shitting their pants. Greatest President of the United States the world has ever had.
  3. JFK Assassination Document Dump

    JFK was killed with shots coming from the front. HW Bush is shitting his pants. The whole clan is going down soon.
  4. What's Up With Harvey?

    McConnell, McCain, the Bushes, Clintons, Obamas and many thousands more will be rounded up very soon. Trump has befriended Russia, is being treated like a King in China, and he has flipped Saudi Arabia. An international alliance is protecting Trump and they are taking it all down together. The cabal’s days are numbered. Every face on tv will be new one morning soon and the world will never be the same, thank god.
  5. What's Up With Harvey?

    It hasn’t even started yet.
  6. What's Up With Harvey? “Last month, the New York Times broke the story about a secret sorority that brands women, puts them on starvation diets and beats them if they don't recruit enough 'slaves'”
  7. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    Well stated, Ellen. It would have been a simple matter in Aristotle's time to stand still and hold one's forearm out flat, to make a "road" for the inner hub of a large wheel, and the slipping/skidding would be quite apparent. I ride an 1870's style highwheel, or penny farthing, with a mere 48" front wheel, and it is quite apparent as you stand in place and rock it back and forth. It would have been a quick matter to make a four foot wheel, mark it, roll it, and soon you could draw my 1/8th rotation illustration, and, you're done. I think the rate of confoundedness over this one is probably about the same as it was back then. I think it comes down to some people not noticing certain things and to some people not well equipped to cognate certain things. I don't believe Aristotle could ever have fallen for it for long. Maybe he was intentionally spurring inquiry into better mathematics. Me on my highwheel...
  8. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    Ellen has made the same comment, idiot. Your resolution makes a giant leap, as I recall you wrote, "Most people don't consider the curved paths, considering them resolves the paradox." That's impressive hand-waving, but doesn't work as a proof or resolution. You know that, and you are a lying piece of shit.
  9. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    Put down the rolls of tape, Retard. Construct a setup of a wheel and see for yourself. Find out for yourself so that you can stop looking so fucking dumb and stop writing such stupid stuff.
  10. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    Actually, he may eventually get it. What he will never do is acknowledge ever having failed to grasp it. 1) He'll get it. 2) He will demonstrate he gets it 3) He will insist he never did not get it. 4) He will gaslight us all, insisting that quote after quote of him clearly not getting it for weeks actually don't show him not getting it, but instead only show us failing to understand him, misquoting him, lying about what he meant. It's a powerful personality disorder.
  11. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    Thanks, Max. It amazes me that Retard apparently has not taken a few minutes to construct a setup at home and find out with his own hands how wheels roll.
  12. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    Here is a real world wheel, you lying, narcissistic retard. Is the green "wheel" in constant rolling contact, or is it slipping/skidding along its road?
  13. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    Gaslighting is a symptom of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
  14. What's Up With Harvey?

    They sure look cozy. Is she worshipping him? Some Hollywood stars say he is God.
  15. What's Up With Harvey?

    He visited Obama's White House at least a dozen times. Donated huge money to Obama, Killary, Feinstein (who said she was going to "look at" ridding herself of the money,) and many, many others.