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    Photography, 3d modelling, photoshop, digital mixed medium matte painting. Attempting to not piss everyone off.(mostly failing at that!)

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    Jules Troy was my birth first and Middle name.Hi I am Steve Cossey. Over at RoR everyone knows I am Steve but just call me Jules. Well you can call me whatever you like :)
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  1. Trump humor

  2. Donald Trump

    The world has gone stupid.
  3. Hypocrisy, and then some!

    When the Israeli's won the 6 day war they should have booted out every single "Palestinian". No one would have said shit. Kinda late now.
  4. Donald Trump

    Her whining and crying "poor me, I've been dropped by everyone and my ability to make a living is compromised" whine cry wah. Good. About time people like her are actually held accountable were it hurts the most. Their wallets. She deserves it.
  5. Trump humor

  6. Donald Trump

    Make sure the crow is cooked well done...
  7. Trumpian Sloppiness

    He isn't crazy, he is ruthless. There is a difference. He also sees that China is getting tired and impatient with him. They may actually do something about him before the US has to.
  8. Here we go again - Terror in England

    They have 3500 suspected terrorists on their watch list. Time to hit the deport button 3500 times.
  9. Assault on National Anthems

  10. Allah has a sense of humor

    Cosmic irony at play?
  11. Donald Trump

    Lol William. Wonder if Obama is laughing just a little bit.
  12. Donald Trump

    How is using LEGAL methods to reduce taxes anarchistic? Anarchists don't really concern themselves with rules...
  13. Michelle Marder Kamhi's "Who Says That's Art?"

    They didn't have Metallica "For Whom The Bell Tolls" when Vietnam was going on but ifffff they didddddd America would have won!
  14. When will Trump focus?

    Talk about biting the hand that feeds them. For what...14 years NBC made a TON off of Trump's show.
  15. Donald Trump

    Is it not an objectivist belief that taxation is theft "legalized" and enforced by coercion and even initiation of force by government? So if someone were to use every legal means at his or her disposal to minimize that would that not be an objectivist inspired moral prerogative?