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  1. The People VS. Evita, Criminal Case File

    Agreed. Her excuse of "none of the emails were classified is lame. Anyone with a 3 digit IQ would realize information that was of a sensitive nature and act accordingly. Her dismissive case might work with her followers who we know aren't all that bright, but won't fly with the rest of us.
  2. The People VS. Evita, Criminal Case File

    Through the years, I saw Rand's books in bookstores, but was never introduced to her until the first Atlas Shrugged film came out and the subsequent interest in her works vis a vis Obama's willful destruction of the economy. I read AS as well as The Virtue of Selfishness, Intro to Objectivist Epistemology, The New Intellectual, etc. I found Rand's writing reflected much of my worldview with the exception of her atheism. I also found her critique of Christianity and altruism to contain straw man arguments and some of her metaphysics being a bit shallow. I read stuff from Peikoff and Kelley and watched numerous YT videos from ARI and TAS. I like Kelley and his open objectivism view. I think Peikoff is a douche bag. I enjoy Yaron Brooks talks on economic issues. At the time I found Rand's stuff, I was teaching biology and chemistry in a Christian high school and found that the students lacked an ability to think critically. I went to the principal and proposed a new class for the religion requirement. She approved. it. The class covered critical thinking, logic and some basic philosophical concepts and characters. The class was very popular. I had more students enrolled for that class than the other two classes that were offered and to this date still hear from students, now in college, that the stuff they learned was helpful in their classes. The first day of class, we would read and discuss Rand's speech at West Point, Philosophy: Who Needs It?. The remainder of the year we covered other topics.
  3. The People VS. Evita, Criminal Case File

    I don't think Cankles will be sleeping too well. Pagliano had a reason for initially taking the 5th despite what her spin doctors claim.
  4. Who does Rubio pick for VP ?

    I generally don't take the polls seriously, especially at this time. One good sign is the turnout for the Democrat primaries has been low reflecting a lack of excitement in the their candidates, even Evita.
  5. Who does Rubio pick for VP ?

    At this time, I don't see Rubio as getting the nomination regardless what machinations he expects to pull off. He's young and it would appear he's already been issued marching orders from the Republican establishment. Expect more of the same from Marco. Regardless who gets the Republican nomination, I think the likely VP choice would be Kasich. Even though he probably won't get the nomination, RealClear politics has him beating Evita by the greatest margin. Strange. Anyway, Kasich is a likable guy and capturing Ohio will be critical in the general election.
  6. Can you *know* there is no God?

    I get your point. Love is a strange thing. My wife and I got engaged after 6 weeks of dating and married 2 1/2 months later. That was 36 years ago and we remain very close. My initial inquiry was as to whether we can "know" things. Not objective or tangible things like math, weight, etc., but those things that aren't objectively determined. Then what degree of knowledge is required for us to act? To get away from emotion examples, let's say you're driving to work and drive through an several intersections while the light is green. How can you "know" the drivers on the cross street have stopped for the red light so you don't get broadsided and injured or killed? While you may be able to "trust" the traffic lights are functioning correctly since the municipality tends to manage the traffic light's function, you can't say that about the drivers since you don't know them and can't vouch for their being sober, that they are paying attention to the traffic lights, or even that their vehicle's brakes are working properly. Yet you drive through the intersection day after day. Your action would not be based under "trust" as you or I would define it. So, is this a case where we act by exercising "faith"?
  7. Why is there religion???

    Brant, since I don't know you and your writing style that well, I can't interpret your comment. Whose herd? "people like me"?
  8. Why is there religion???

    Why is there religion? I'd say religion resulted from man using his faculties of reason and rationale. Presuming an evolutionary emergence of man and intelligence, man observed the world around him including things like cause and effect, e.g., lightning hits a tree and the tree bursts into fire, he bangs his finger and experiences pain, etc. He also observes the world around him and sees trees, plants, animals, etc., and reasons that the existence of himself and the world must have had a cause, but what/who caused it? Given the design of the world around him, e.g., the way plants grow and feed man and animal, the weather, the seasons, etc., would point to purpose. The use of reason would have him to posit the possibility that a mind or some intelligence was involved. But who/what is that mind? Reason would also have to posit the possibility of an uncaused first cause to avoid a reduction problem. Aristotle saw the necessity of the Prime Mover, but limited the attributes to that of a metaphysical explanation to the existence of the universe. Primitive animists held to a view of an immaterial aspect of man's and other creature's existence, i.e., the soul. Not all religions teach of an afterlife, as Zanton implies. So, that can't be the reason. So, the what/why of the surrounding world prompts further thought into this arena. If there is a prime mover, who might that be? Is it person or an impersonal force? If it is a person of some sort, would it reveal itself and how would it do that? Positing there was a prime mover that created the universe, then what was its purpose for doing so? Given man is the only creature with the ability to reason in depth, why do we have this faculty? What was the prime mover's purpose in granting man the ability to reason? Does he/it want a relationship with man? Are we accountable in any way? And so on. These are reasonable questions and answering them requires thought. Numerous theological treatises, flawed as they may be, continue to be studied and developed by intelligent people. I think that answers the thoughtful question,"Why is there religion" posed by Ba'al.
  9. The People VS. Evita, Criminal Case File

    Thanks for that info. If Evita doesn't win, I wouldn't be surprised to see Obama giving her the ultimate f-u a d leave her to whoever the next AG will be.
  10. The People VS. Evita, Criminal Case File

    This whole email scandal pisses my off to no end. The stupidity (willful?) of the lame stream media and even non-fans over at Fox News is astounding. Here's my thoughts as one who handled classified materials when I was in the Army. For those vets, for a time I worked as my battalion's S2 (intelligence dept) NCO and was required to have a top secret security clearance for that position. Evita (I like that name) claims that none of the emails were classified and there shouldn't be any problem with them being on her personal email server. She's a pathological liar and disingenuous to the core. So, let's assume they weren't "officially classified" when she received and forwarded them or whatever she did with those emails. Any person with a 3 digit IQ would recognize sensitive information that should be classifieds and take steps to insure their privacy and protection. An example: Say you get a bunch of emails about a guy named Joe Smith. One email notes what he had for dinner last night. Another, where he gets his hair cut. Another one comes in with Joe's social security number and last 5 years' tax returns. A reasonable person would think, "this latest email is sensitive stuff and shouldn't be sent this way". Why hasn't this scenario been posed by the media? Evita lies like a dog, but surely has the intelligence to realize what type of information requires classification and should have taken the steps to protect it. Sorry for the rant. And Moralist is probably right about the pardon. But I think someone has to be convicted or at least indicted before pardon can be issued.
  11. Can you *know* there is no God?

    Hi Tony: Thanks for your comments. I get your point about trust and honesty. Why I compare trust and faith is that both entail a degree of uncertainty yet they are acted upon. So, I wonder what degree of evidence, e.g., behavior, observation, reason, etc., is necessary to form that trust? Is it the case that the levels or types of evidence necessary are subjective or objective, or is it really a fool's errand to make that determination?
  12. Can you *know* there is no God?

    I'm kinda in the same camp, Greg. I find some of Rand's metaphysics unconvincing and have the same opinion as you do of AS and some of the other implications in the book.. I'm surprised some of the more dedicated O-ists haven't chimed in. I'm sure they have someone they believe loves them, but what do they place their beliefs on? You mentioned trust on your earlier email, but trust is a close corollary to faith, and that's a big no-no for the fundamentalist O-ist.
  13. Can you *know* there is no God?

    Thanks for the response. Since I'm not an Objectivist maven, but a novice, I don't know where "trust" fits in with the Objectivist philosophy. Trust seems to me to be a subjective opinion. Can you be sure your "trust" is not misplaced using the same ulterior motive scenario? History is replete with betrayals. Or doesn't it matter? I'm not trying to be jerk. I always look for holes in my thought. I hat ego be wrong, so if I am I appreciate being informed.
  14. Can you *know* there is no God?

    Moralist bring up an interesting point here: " is only through a real life personal experience of the reality of the Utterly Objective, which is not transferrable to others." The question I would like to add is, "Can you "know" that your spouse loves you?" I assume for many of you love is an important part of your life. As far as I know, there is no objective test that indicates real "love" versus fake "love". How can one know that their spouse isn't just acting like they love you for some ulterior motive? From my readings, it appeared that Ayn and Frank loved each other despite Rand's goings-on with Branden, but how could she "know" ( certainty implied) that Frank loved her?
  15. Navy Seals & Army Rangers

    Brant. You were a S.F. medic IIRC. I keep in touch with ] old buddies and Army stuff since I was teaching high school until retiring a year ago. You know what they are giving out for reenlistment bonuses for SF medics? About $75K. A recruiter friend just gave a $25K enlistment bonus to a enlisted man Intelligence Analyst. Decent bucks, IMO. Do you attend the annual SF veteran meetings?