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  1. Wolf DeVoon

    Ayn Rand And The End Of Love

    It always surprises me, the ideas people hold.
  2. Wolf DeVoon

    Robert Bidinotto on How to Write a Thriller

    Puts hand up, claims award.
  3. Wolf DeVoon

    Ayn Rand And The End Of Love

    It provoked P.C. righteous indignation when Pres. Trump referred to MS-13 as subhuman animals.
  4. Wolf DeVoon

    Ayn Rand And The End Of Love

    Fountainhead, yes. Atlas, no.
  5. Wolf DeVoon

    My Review of Creating Christ (Valliant's Book)

    Karl and Groucho, too. Hard to think of anyone in show business or publishing who isn't Jewish.
  6. Wolf DeVoon

    New work in progress

    Bidinotto The Wonderful has a self-imposed embargo on cursing. I'm less fussy -- or rather, committed to plain speaking. 'Partners' is coming along swimmingly. Set in 1975, it's the story of a young renegade and his slightly older mentor. Here's a passage from the second act. Critiques and complaints are always welcome. Adult content. 🙃
  7. Dear Peter and other interested parties, Without much scholarship you will discover that U.S. constitutional principles have morphed repeatedly. I don't want to be didactic, but I'll mention three constitutional changes that everyone should study and understand. (1) Congress ceded power to an administrative state insulated from review by civil service protections. (2) The Supreme Court ring-fenced a handful of vague "personal freedoms" that afford little protection, subject to cultural and judicial whimsy, while abolishing all "economic freedom" of every kind. (3) Our military has been wasted, bureaucratized, outsourced, and hamstrung. Compared to entitlement spending and debt service, national defense will soon become a very small fraction of government spending. The U.S. Constitution became a dead letter determining nothing fixed or final. There was no effective opposition to Barack Obama concluding an "executive agreement" with Iran and EU heads of state that, formerly, would have been deemed a treaty subject to ratification by the Senate. Executive orders are an obscenity, winner take all, and it is a certainty that socialized medicine will deepen and metastacize, no different than defacto monopoly public education K-12, state universities, and student payola. I trust you know that commercial and community banks do not hold mortgage paper, that everything they originate is sold to Federal agencies led by political appointees who issue junk debt -- the specific, exclusive cause of the 2008-09 crash. If one were to describe anarchy as feckless, irresponsible and brutish, that would be Uncle Sam and the big metropolitan cities owned and operated by a corrupt Democrat feeding machine, with zero interest in or concern for justice, due process, or common law as the Founders understood it. Ancap is a simple proposition. Historically, it was known as liberty.
  8. Wolf DeVoon

    Ayn Rand And The End Of Love

    So sad. Like I always said about Cousin Leonard, ARI minus Rand = zero.
  9. Wolf DeVoon

    Ayn Rand And The End Of Love

    This loops back to Page 1, the initial post, where Randy argued that sex is appropriate only between lifelong monogamous partners, kicking off a discussion of how men and women are sexually different (forgive me, much condensed). I liked MSK's observation that Rand was true to herself artistically and personally. My own way of explaining it is that Rand the seeker was an immoral anarchist to the very roots of her hair, top and bottom. WRT to the quoted fragment by Bumbalough (can I use that as a fictional character name, please?) it was not the case that Dagny "bed hopped" in fiction nor Alice in her personal life. Not sure I want to discuss this in detail. The major premise is that lifelong monogamy is more a religious notion than a rational idea, sort of equivalent to not coveting your neighbor lady's ass. Ayn Rand smashed the rule of received wisdom, uniquely so, in the modern context. She liked Mickey Spillane and Ian Fleming for a reason. The idea of an alpha male was important to Ayn Rand, central to everything she wrote. It became thematic in my own work.
  10. Wolf DeVoon

    Ayn Rand Institute Having Financial Problems

    Dear God, please let this snakepit of second-handers vanish. Thank you.
  11. Wolf DeVoon

    Ayn Rand And The End Of Love

    It's all so ordinary and dull, if we call them Nathan and Alice.
  12. Wolf DeVoon

    Ayn Rand And The End Of Love

    "She carried on an increasingly toxic sexual affair with a married disciple 25 years her junior; when he had his own affair with a younger woman, Rand slapped him, excommunicated him, and falsely accused him of embezzlement." http://nymag.com/arts/books/features/60120/index1.html
  13. Wolf DeVoon

    Ayn Rand And The End Of Love

    That's quite wonderful. Thanks.
  14. Wolf DeVoon

    Ayn Rand And The End Of Love

    Darn it. I must be going stupid. How is twisting and reshaping the facts not lying?
  15. Wolf DeVoon

    Ayn Rand And The End Of Love

    I missed this when it was posted mid-January. What warped advice is generally found in O-Land?