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  1. Trump Challenges Poll: 150 days of excitement

    And while I am at it, how about his spokesgirls who hint exotically of "Miss Universe vet" who did indeed go to college and no doubt want world peace? They are doing yeoman work and should be rewarded probably more than they are going to be.
  2. Trump Challenges Poll: 150 days of excitement

    Yes. yes. YES! orry guys, but after two weeks of watching and reading "evenhanded' coverge, some of which from Fox "News",nothing to say but thank gord that my William can say it. TW, where is Chelsea's Arkansas accent? Didn't she grow up there? Even Hillary has kind of a twang. The only reasonable conclusion is that she, or it, was secretively adopted from an outer space for a big financial consideration. Watch out, Ivanka... ther liberal media will come after you too.
  3. Roger Ailes is out at Fox When?

    Do you think it's all that Machiavellian, Michael? ? Maybe nothing else is cooking for real but his goose.
  4. Convention report card -- Cleveland 2016

    I turned off the Kentucky woman because she was getting to show me how compared to her, our junior high St Stephen Spartan cheerleaders were Laker girls.
  5. Trumporama -- the morning after

    It is great to see you are still on top form again Dr ..what did you say your grandmother's name was? Oh? Say, want to come to dinner at the Tower...have you heard from dear Cousin Reg lately?
  6. "If I had to choose between betraying my family and betraying my party, I hope I would have the courage to betray my party".(sorry, FMF) I never would have believed I could admire Ted Cruz and even feel empathy with him in any situation, but so it is. Furthermore, I have never seen him looking so good, or looking barely human come to that.. But did you see his face as he accomplished his intent, his glee at his righteous anger, his revelling in the boos almost? Righteous anger is an emotion I have very rarely felt, but it is intoxicating. OK, maybe that happy light in his eye was just from looking at the prize of 2020, but I prefer to believe he genuinely did not care what the consequences of not rewarding Trump for slagging off his family, his own revenge was sweet enough. I liked Mike Pence, and I thought his wife was the most beautiful woman in the room, Melania notwithstanding. Karen Pence was gloriously not stick-thin, her arms were not Madonna-toned with string-supported muscle bumps.Her dress was perfect and her face simply lovely. Eric gave a fine speech, but he looks so exactly like the actor who is always cast as the insufferable preppie on Law and Order that I just wanted to pronounce him guilty and wipe the entitled expression off his face. Of course, their political stances are the stuff of nightmares and if I thought they had a chance of winning' I would move to Iqalit to organize resisrtance to the inevitable hostile takeover. So though of course they do have a chance I will not think about it. This is the best political theatre since Watergate, or maybe since the usurpation of Richard III who tried to marry his niece, murdered his nephews and accused his mother of having borne a bastard, back when there was no TV.
  7. I missed that interview, damn! but I won't be missing any more. I am loving the Trumporama. Full disclosure re the last year or so of the hitting and running for my many, many fans. I have just been in the hospital for a few days, which I have been sporadically as more or less ill for that time .But that I will not be any more, and that I will not be missing Long short, I had a lung cancer operation, richly deserved for my 20years of smoking before good old Moralist pipes up, during which there was a slight cardiac event which is apparently extremely common. The operation, like Hers, was completely successful, but afterwards I did not regain strength and stamina although sufficiently oxygenated. I figured I was just not -pushing myself enough to exercise -- my previous idea of a workout being to carry heavy books to and from the library. But I lost more strength and thirty pounds and was always fainting, and it did not help it was the coldest winter on record here. Finally I was dragged to the ER by Andy (my son) (I was far too exhausted to get to the doctor's office). I had anemia,it seemed, hemoglobin 20something. I got 2 units of blood and felt like the Vampire Lestat after an specially fulfilling date This isn't especially short, is it? I'll wrap up-- it took a long time to find out why I was losing that much red cells, there was other stuff, but as of now everything has been fixed for good and whereas before all this I felt much much older than my 113 years , now I do not feel a day over 99. It has not all been negative either.To be unable to do anything except lie in bed and read is my idea of a good time, and I got to do a lot of that. I got a lot of very valuable stuff I could never have paid for in a million years, such as the services of a rock-star top thoracic surgeon, for free. Lots of free board and lodging and oxygen at home and an intimate knowledge of many, many medical tests and procedures. And only 10 of the pounds I lost came back. You know, think I got exactly what I deserved. But where, O where is our Adam?
  8. Trump humor

    Yes, I intend to, but will not be as frequent at first. This is hardly the thread for it but I just want to say I am heartsick over the murdered Dallas cops and the two police-killed citizens and what is happening to your country. No speculation over the whys or the proximate or ultimate causes that twist back to eternity. Just huge sadness.
  9. Trump humor

    Apropos of above, he has also sent fundraising letters to the more conservative of Canadian politicians, of which some are sitting Members of Parliament. (This kind of solicitation from foreigners is illegal here). Now, that is humorous -- or maybe not. Aaargh, it's enough to make you start wondering if there is something to a New World Order and Bird's Nest Head is its prophet.
  10. You Call these Sports?

    Dearest compatriot, here is the sign, I hope to be here at least once a week and more if poss-- happy belated Canada Day . I know, my American friends, we have elected Trudeau lite, and the Devil wears Gap Kids, etc, but you have a choice of Clintonette and...well, it has all been said.. not that I can for ever refrain from saying something, sometime. Thanks for the guide to Change is Good on the internet, ha. Adam if you are missing, come out at once!!! Great to be back at Mike's Pub.
  11. Please give us a sign you might be a more frequent visitor.

    1. caroljane


      And lo, a sign was vouchsafed unto the people, proclaiming in letters of fire, "You just cannot get rid of some people."

    2. william.scherk
  12. You Call these Sports?

    For godssake, they have traded PK Subban from Montreal! And ---ICELAND! \Also, why can't I be Daunce anymore, I have been trying for ages to find the recent posts to less than zero avail. I am seriously displeased.
  13. World Series 2015 guess who is going

    No joy in Mudville North.
  14. On the dumber side, I should alert you to the only sole message of the Conservative attack ads, with which we of the dumber side of radio listeners have had to hear it seems forever."Justin Trudeau, he's just not ready."Yeah I know, iit is not on the order of he's a serial murderer, but this is Canada. These ads are so pervasive that even the most conservative Harper-cheerleader paper here, the Sun, ran a cartoon that said, "If they don't stop saying that, I'm going to vote for him."
  15. The uh, Blue Jays. I admit that baseball is the most complete fan experience you can get. It is a slow game so you can see the impossible athleticism and precision of the dazzling catches and plays of the defence ,and the focused power and skill of the offence right down to base running. I have been loving watching them. But oh, oh....if I could I would give up this whole gorgeous season for one Leafs run at the Cup, Baseball to me is like the totally eligible guy with every admirable quality and accomplishment, and you do admire and are in awe of the accomplishment. But he isn't, you know, hockey. \ So even if the Yanks do win the pennant I will still speak to Adam. (What do you think of A,rhymes with God? this season)?