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  1. caroljane

    Donald Trump

    I missed this bit about health care -- so the reality is, that under Obama you did not get to keep your doctor or plan that you liked. you did not save $2500 you were promised, or that as a taxpayer you were charged when you were promised you wouldn't be,Obama lied to you and cheated you out of at least $2500. Now two years later, I assume you have been restored to the doctor and plan that you were deprived of, and been reimbursed your $2500 by Trump in some manner. I know nothing about your health policies except that they are a big mess, and if I lived in the US I would likely be dead by now. But if my reading of your story is right, then this is a very good reality and I would applaud Trump for it.
  2. caroljane

    Donald Trump

    Michael, I appreciate the sincerity of your sentiment. But to me morality is more than erecting things and getting inconvenient people out of your way. It incorporates a personal ethos of dealing with others, acknowledging that others are individuals with rights equal to one's own, and I have never seen any sign of that from him. Others are either great friends (who admire or support him) or the scum of the earth, losers etc. who don't. Women, one step down, are the same to him depending on their physical appearance. He despises women and you can't really be surprised if some of us despise him. I will grant every accolade he deserves for his lasting accompl,ishments, and his lifting of America into a better day. But I cannot believe that in his mid-seventies he is going to grow a new character. And as calling him the most moral man who ever ran for president - I have read some of the writings of Washington, Adams and Jefferson and Lincoln, private letters included, where they wrestled with moral questions. Do you think Trump's tweets show more morality than they did? Not the same, you will say, his morality is in his action. Fine . Hemingway said "Moral is what you feel good after", and I am sure that whatever Trump feels good doing is moral.
  3. caroljane

    Donald Trump

    Jonathan, the only Americans I know well are a handful of relatives and acquaintances in one small town, and half of them voted for Trump, but none of them says that their lives are significantly better since 2016, in any way, not that they are worse. That is the truth. I am glad that you and the rest of the country are reaping real benefits. As to inflicting suffering on millions of people's lives - show me your huddled and your poor, and how Trump is helping them to breathe free. Or your dead schoolchildren who will never breathe again and their robbed desolate families, whose means of death Trump proudly supports. Happy days are here again for you,and I hope you continue to prosper as never before. But politics go in cycles, even in America. History will judge.
  4. caroljane

    Donald Trump

    Jonathan, I have never yet told falsehoods that I was convinced were falsehoods, never here, or indeed anywhere in such discussions. What would be the point? I will never convince you there is anything wrong about Trump, and whatever I say will only entrench you in your own position further. I say what I believe to be true from what sources I have read, usually book and articles, not all from your dreaded MSM either. Like you all I have been aware of him and his career for decades, and I do not think his character has changed since winning the election. And of course he and Obama are equal. Both presidents; both vilified by their opposition; both reviled as failures by same; and only history will judge long after our time what ensued in success, what reaped failure from their short-term, circumstances dictated decision in office. Sure. all politicians must be showmen, but as to blustering, your innate taste must tell you that Trump is the total victor in bluster, hands down.
  5. caroljane

    Donald Trump

    As a side note, in his business career Saint Donald often failed to deliver what he promised, like to the City of New York and his own suppliers whom he stiffed, And ah- Trump University? Also. why does a non-American who is allowed to comment here have to choose between a former prez who cannot run again and him? When did you become a fan of the excluded middle?
  6. caroljane

    Donald Trump

    Quelle bonne post. Better than Peter deserves, after the insult he offered my 5'4'' 136 pound anatomy. Speaking of which, when you are in Ladies' Wear at Statistics could you see if they have any Meghan Garden Party hat knockoffs left? Thanks!
  7. caroljane

    Donald Trump

    Well, if he is dismantling all the mess made in the world in the last 20 years or so, that is an awesome task. But as to dismantling the Deep State, how does that differ from firing every Democrat, and every Republican who criticizes Trump, from any job in the federal government? That seems to be the only way to ensure true dismantling, if the State is all that Deep. I will take the hug, though, if it's still on offer. I could use it. My TVis broken and I have to watch tv on the laptop and I hate that, especially at the Cup final!
  8. caroljane

    Donald Trump

    OK, he did more than just con people, after all its caveat emptor in his game, he also bullied and threatened. And he could be just worth a million for all we know, since he'll never release his taxes -- and without the Russian income (which Don Jr boasted was considerable) he might be just a run-of-the-mill multimillionaire. As to philosophy, he is a complete cynic with no notion of ethics and no political ideals which he would not reverse immediately if he saw an advantage to himself. It is useless to tell an Objectivist that the ability to make money for its own sake is a skill bestowed on different individuals, some good and some not. But gosh, Peter, I am sorry to see you emulating his style of discourse towards women who don't agree with him. Here I thought you liked me! Why, I never think about your butt at all.
  9. caroljane

    Donald Trump

    First I wish Marc would correct the lie he told about Trudeau's experience. He was an elected member of Parliament for ten years before becoming party leader and then prime minister, as Marc knows but chose to conceal. Whereas Gluteus Maximus's only experience, outside of conning people in business deals, was firing people on TV, which is basically all he has done since he got elected.
  10. caroljane


    Thanks, even at distance I could hear every word. Wish I hadn't heard any of them.
  11. caroljane

    Ayn Rand And The End Of Love

    If I were a cat in your situation, I would go back in my bag until somebody let me out, preferably in 2020. Sympathetically, Carol
  12. caroljane


    Bill, am I deafer than I thought? I can't hear the audio except as an indistinct murmur., lower than other audios played here. Maybe I just need earphones.
  13. caroljane

    Conspiracy theories and Conspiracy theorists

    lol so did I. Remember Anthony Scaramucchi? I thought parody died with him!
  14. caroljane

    Trump humor

    At least he is wearing clothes for once.
  15. caroljane

    Conspiracy theories and Conspiracy theorists

    Final hashtag is the FairFowl Coalition, they don't write so good.