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  1. Underground Objectivist Shock-Metal. "Hello world. Hello brave new world. Meet your unintended consequence."

  2. Atheists Don't Have No Songs

    It is, and you didn't. - John X Smith
  3. Atheists Don't Have No Songs

    If songs were "group chants", then individualists would not like any songs about anything. But they're not "group chants" in the first place. Even when an entire audience sings them along with the band, it's simply a value those people have in common - which is why they all ended up at that same concert. Just as we ended up on this Objectivist forum. But yes, there is something deeper behind the lack of atheist and capitalist songs. On atheism: artists create art about what is important to them, and since "God" is extremely important to believers, there is always a lot of religious art and music. But atheists believe in the nonexistence of "God", and nonexistence isn't art-worthy. You can't very effectively write a pro-nonexistence song lyric, because it would stand for nothing. But you can write an anti-religion song, which is a basic protest song that stands against something.You can also put my favorite twist on the subject: rather than stand for nothing or against something, you write a pro-individualist song and stand for something. Which also stands against the other thing as a corollary. I think that's the best of all worlds, and as someone already said, Sinatra's "My Way" is probably a good example. On capitalism: I can say from my own experience as would-be inventor of Objectivist Shock-metal, that the absence of pro-capitalism songs is pure social conditioning. For one, we as a species are generally programmed by our envy-driven victimizers to believe that money is evil. For two, we as artists are programmed - and with the justification of countless examples - to believe that money brings the death of art through compromise. And for three, even if we avoid the first two, the fact remains that business as such is very dry and, much like atheism, is not art-worthy. But also like atheism, you can put twists on it. Well, in theory you can. It's even harder than you think. I have already failed once on it, and I can't think of anyone else even trying. So now I guess I have to do it, huh.... - John X Smith
  4. Objectivist Punk

    Thank you for posting that. I'm developing quite an interest in Resistance Art. :-) $
  5. Objectivist Punk

    Thanks Adam! I'm gonna give it a whirl and see where it lands. There has to be a way to get a message to the younger generation! Ayn Rand gave me direction when I had none and she answered alot of my questions that I had always asked. Such as why do a certain percentage of the population carry the majority?! Anyways, thanks and take care. -Chad Adam: yeah, Chad and his guys might indeed make it fly. They have an album on iTunes now, and they're on the forefront of a growing movement of Obj-pop. No reason the nihilists should have all the powerful music, eh? I came here browsing for like-minded musicians to test-market my own (embryonic) idea: Objectivist Shock-metal (making rock-n-roll dangerous again, My stuff is NOT public-ready, since I'm just a drummer still doing intra-band concept proofs of my songs and such. But I couldn't resist jumping into this thread. Chad: Glad to see you're doing what you're doing. I sent you a MySpace mail. $