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  1. Peter

    Donald Trump

    I really thought Kim Jun Un was going to opt for peace and prosperity. He was crowing to his people about The Summit in Shanghai. But now, in private, the Norks are bowing their heads in sorrow. Can you imagine the interest and news that would have come from there, if . . . ? Peter The Election is Six months Away, or in New Brunswickian, pull the right levers, eh? by The Bittles Oh I need your vote babe, Guess you know it's true. Hope you need to vote babe, Just like I need you. Hold me, love me, hold me, love me. I ain't got nothin' but love babe, Six months away.
  2. Peter

    How to be a prime mover

    A water wheel is fun to watch for a while.
  3. Peter

    Donald Trump

    William used the words "authoritarian" and “strongman” in the same breath as Trump. NO, that’s totally untrue. In a way President Trump is similar to Hank Rearden. What if Hank had become President? What if Dagny had? Would either of them be doing anything differently than President Trump? I know it is hard to rationally think about our President when you are bombarded with continuous propaganda. Objectivist commentator, Robert Tracinski was totally bamboozled by the nattering nabobs of negativism too. Trump is being nice and circumspect about his comments towards world leaders like Putin. His comments about the traitorous bastards who knelt during the anthem or gave the flag the finger, is righteous indignation I agree with. And the NFL owners have said to stay in the locker room if you won't stand for the national anthem. All evidence points towards laissez faire capitalism. More freedom. Safer streets and borders. And a damn fine President. Look at the evidence. Use your reason. Hail to the Tea Party! Should it be brought back? From the quote below, “A change in a country’s political ideas has to be preceded by a change in its cultural trends; a cultural movement is the necessary precondition of a political movement . . . .” America has, what used to the called, “the silent majority,” except I don‘t think we will ever be silent again. Peter Ayn Rand wrote: Objectivism is a philosophical movement; since politics is a branch of philosophy, Objectivism advocates certain political principles -- specifically, those of laissez-faire Capitalism -- as the consequence and the ultimate practical application of its fundamental philosophical principles. It does not regard politics as a separate or primary goal, that is: as a goal that can be achieved without a wider ideological context. Politics is based on three other philosophical disciplines; metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics -- on a theory of man’s nature and of man’s relationship to existence. It is only on such a base that one can formulate a consistent political theory and achieve it in practice. When, however, men attempt to rush into politics without such a base, the result is that embarrassing conglomerations of impotence, futility, inconsistency and superficiality which is loosely designated as “conservatism.” Objectivists are not “conservatives.” We are *radicals for capitalism*; we are fighting for that philosophical base which capitalism does not have and without which it was doomed to perish. A change in a country’s political ideas has to be preceded by a change in its cultural trends; a cultural movement is the necessary precondition of a political movement . . . . end quote And just because I like the song. “Have Gun, Will Travel,” reads the card of a man. A knight without armor in a savage land. His fast gun for hire, reads the calling wind. A soldier of fortune is the man called Paladin.
  4. Peter

    Donald Trump

    Do you have the equivalent of our "southern accents" in Canada? England is a hodgepodge but it seems Australians only have one dialect.
  5. Peter

    Donald Trump

    "I think that worries the hell out of the left and the cronies," Michael wrote. I think it is time to plan for 2020. Weirdly, I think the republican party cronies, who may try to jinx the election, are less afraid of "hidden retribution" from President Trump than from any other recent president. You get your FU immediately from him, though he may grumble in private a bit. 
  6. Peter

    Donald Trump

    Trump is a cynic? No, he is not. He tells you what he is thinking, like totally all the time, girl. I predict Trump will have the Objectivist vote in 2020. I also predict the Progressive Socialist candidate will hide their left leaning behind a moderate, but strong personae. The anti future vote hatred the left has for Trump is astonishing. He is a good decent man, rough around the edges . . . just like me. Ha~
  7. Peter

    Donald Trump

    Strongman, in the totalitarian sense? That is not what our Donald is. Strong Man, in standing up for what is right makes sense. I occasionally say to myself, what is he up to, or I would not have put it that way, but he adheres better to Objectivist ideals than any other recent President.
  8. Peter

    Trump humor

    That's not funny. It looks like an HBO walking dead spook. Is that six fingers on one hand that I see? Our President only has five.
  9. I don't hate the thought of illegal immigrants. Periodically, there will be "busts" of illegal aliens working in local farm fields, and there was a bust at a local Walmart a few years ago. A night shift "contract agent" was hiring illegals to stock shelves and lying about it, but Walmart may have also been fined. A lot of farming is mechanized but strawberries are still hand harvested.
  10. Peter

    chicken plays piano

    Ah, I see. It is pecking the keys that turn red. Cool. Chicken feed from Southern States stores smells good! Though I haven't had any chickens to lay eggs, in 20 years, I can remember the aroma.
  11. The power strips are a good idea to protect electronics but don't plug too much into one outlet. I wouldn't think about moving unless there has been problems with electricity in the building. Get in touch with the other tenants for a discussion. I would not use a fire place. My in-laws lit theirs after several years of non use and the house filled up with smoke from an old squirrels nest in the chimney. Fire is obsolete and dangerous. And who can predict what old wiring will do? I have several smoke detectors and a "gas protector" though I use a heat pump for heating and cooling. I smelled something burning the other day and finally tracked it down to a burned out florescent bulb in the bathroom. It was darkened and smelly but still putting out a flickering, feeble glow, and did not set off any smoke detectors. But I could smell it. After having rain for 10 out of 11 days I am not worrying about a wild fire in the woods around my house. And surprisingly when I cut the grass yesterday, the ditch full of water, did not produce any mosquito bites. Peter
  12. Peter

    Ayn Rand And The End Of Love

    If you could get into a way-back machine would you vote for President Trump in 2016 and in 2020? Who are the democrats going to come up with? Who wants to waste a vote on a loser? The only people who will run against Trump are jockeying for position.
  13. Peter

    Objectivist Esthetics, R.I.P.

    J wrote: "Or is it more of an issue of how strongly his work impacts people emotionally/aesthetically?" I would say yes to that, but if I were an art dealer I would look for the monetary value. If I were looking to hang something in my living room, or even my garage or work shop, then how I emotionally react to art or music would be the prime motive. Is there a constantly improving world of art? I just looked at an article by Tracinski about using loud, classical music to drive transients and bums out of the subway waiting areas and away from stores.
  14. Peter

    Donald Trump

    Horse crap. Gluteus maximus is a nickname only big butted people can have, and our Prez is a keeper - not a bleeper. He might be worth a million if it were true that he ONLY was on TV for a while and conned people. Someone who is a wiz at free trade and made billions is the personification of objective success. Except to a deep state, progressive totalitarians like a big butted dunce, having the "right stuff" and doing the "right thing" having the right epistemology, ethics, metaphysics, etc., is a good thing. I even like Trump's esthetics sense in his architecture. So, Philosophically, how is President Trump doing?
  15. Peter


    Incels? I wonder what the term is for older men who can no longer keep up with their wives in the bedroom? Justice's revenge? Old coot gets the boot? Would the demanding, younger wife be a Ovo-vaciloraptor? It is a shame desires differ between the sexes. I suppose a younger, just married guy who can't get enough of his wife, is evolution's answer to the species longevity issue. From the movie, "Popeye:" "Oh, Sweet Haven . . . . "