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  1. What's Up With Harvey?

    I agree it doesn't debunk Cialdini's message, I was just explaining why I don't seem to have finished it the first time around. This book has been recommended on this site quite a few times and I must have bought it (from Audible) some years ago after someone raved about it here. As I've said before, it's not a topic that normally turns me on. Obviously I'd completely forgotten the author's name etc. I went to buy it again, and Audible showed that it was already in my library. I started it back up and it picked up where I'd left off, in the part about the Genovese case. BTW, what's been debunked about that case is that no one called for help. There were multiple calls to the police, and they didn't respond. I'm still going through Pre-suasion now, and it's very engaging. His advice for handling a police interrogation has a nice punch-line to it.
  2. What's Up With Harvey?

    Turns out I already had it (Influence). I stopped when I got to the part about the Genovese case; it's been debunked and it gets on my nerves when people reference it, so that's probably why I dropped it. I went ahead and finished the book, and am now taking in Presuasion, which I'm finding much more interesting.
  3. What's Up With Harvey?

    I'm going to give it a whirl.
  4. What's Up With Harvey?

    That's one of my all-time favorites. I'm a little confused though, the Flavians came before the Antonines, and Gibbon starts with the Antonines, chronologically speaking. Though I've seen Constantine's family referred to as Flavians too, sometimes, so maybe that's what you mean. Let me get this straight, Valliant's thesis is that Christianity was an invention (by the Roman state) in the era of Constantine (early to mid 300's) or the Flavians (around 70-100)? 70-100 would jibe chronologically, that was the era of the Gospels composition.
  5. What's Up With Harvey?

    Have you read the book Presuasion by "Godzilla"? Adams sure thinks highly of him. It's not a topic I normally take much interest in.
  6. What's Up With Harvey?

    Have you read Win Bigly yet? I found it worthwhile. Though on audiobook, with Adams reading...he comes across as "low energy".
  7. I think it would be fair to say Hitler was opportunistic in his approach to gays. Jews too. There was a case, and I could probably look up the name easily, of a high ranking Nazi discovering he had Jewish roots, and this spawned the line (paraphrasing): we decide who is Jewish and who is not. Dinesh's statement would have been equally valid if he'd said Jews instead of gays. Absurd.
  8. Objectivist Esthetics, R.I.P.

    Well come on, get the ball across the goal line before spiking it and starting the victory dance.
  9. Chicago Thug Fail and Hot Dogs

    Now he's on the shortlist for the next Darwin Awards.
  10. Charlottesville Unite the Right Rally Madness

    No. You posted about how you'd wasted time in the past assembling "curated and carefully selected material", then criticized me for merely providing a Wikipedia link to back up the claim that Moses's historicity is "widely rejected today". And earlier you wrote " My recommendation is don't run from the truth. That will not lead you anywhere good. The Egyptians used slaves and lots of them to build. When Moses left Egypt, he took with him two and a half million Hebrew slaves. That's right. About 2.5 million. Let that number sink in." It looks like you're claiming the 2.5 million number is "truth". And that there was a Moses. I thought I could just chime in on that without derailing the thread. BTW even Joseph Campbell (you were reading him recently as I recall) thought the Exodus story had no basis in fact (ref one of his lectures from the early 80's (and how's that for a scholarly reference?)). We've probably done about an equal amount of reading on religion. I recommend the 2 books by Carrier because I'm confident you will find some new and valuable things in them. Funny thing about Valliant, this recalls what Peikoff said about Barbara's bio: "non-cognitive".
  11. Charlottesville Unite the Right Rally Madness

    Coming on the heels of your post about not doing people's homework for them, this is pretty rich. I suggest Richard Carrier's books Proving History and On the Historicity of Jesus. Which aren't about Moses, though there's some discussion of the topic. No, I'm not interested in reading anything by Valliant.
  12. Let's talk about it. Here.

    This story made the rounds yesterday: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/10/19/transgender-wyoming-woman-convicted-sexually-assaulting-10-year-old-girl-in-bathroom.html I found the headline objectionable, however effective it was as click-bait. This didn't happen in a public bathroom, but in a private home. If it had happened in a closet would the headline have included that detail?
  13. Charlottesville Unite the Right Rally Madness

    The historicity of Moses (and the Exodus) is widely rejected today. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moses Which is tangential to your (valid) main point about slavery in the ancient world. But I hear they had free health care.
  14. Las Vegas massacre byproducts

    In the absence of evidence my mind keeps going back to the novel Black Sunday. That killer didn't have a manifesto, he just wanted to die while killing a lot of people. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Sunday_(novel)
  15. A Math Puzzle - IRR

    Did you have custody of the $100 starting day one? Did you actually pay the $95 at the end, or did you call your broker to have the position closed out? After which you're account balance was $5 higher.