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  1. Thought I'd pass this along to those, who like me, are dealing with arthritis. Anything that can reduce the inflammation I'm all for.
  2. The Country Music Concert Massacre in Las Vegas

    ISIS claiming Paddock was one their supporters:
  3. The Country Music Concert Massacre in Las Vegas

    Is this Paddock (pink cap & t-shirt) at an anti-Trump rally? at 0:17 into the video
  4. The Country Music Concert Massacre in Las Vegas

    Here's an update from Clark County Sheriff, Lombardo. He seems skeptical (go to 21:13 in the video) and now I do too, that the shooter was acting alone...based on the amount of rifles, ammo and other material found at the hotel and his home. It's not inconceivable others would be joining him (why so many rifles) in the room? Add to that how could he get all his supplies up to the room without help from others? ...inside/ outside help.
  5. ESPN, the NFL and Social Justice Warriors

    lol Michael. I'd add Somalia to the group offering asylum. --J
  6. Donald Trump

    The "never let a crisis go to waste mentality", particularly when it is she that will benefit, rears its ugly head. -J
  7. Donald Trump

    Well, reality bites. More difficult now, with Trump to deal with... "running on empty"...who can we loot, if not the U.S.? -J
  8. Correspondence and Coherence blog

    I'm enjoying the footage, most of which I have never seen before. I guess most of it was obtained from Russian, Chinese & the Vietnam governments. I was stationed in Japan (1968-69), in the Army, as a offset press operator. I remember printing, for days on end, tens of thousands leaflets which were dropped by plane, with Thieu's face on it...along with his plea to the S. Vietnamese people for their support.
  9. Donald Trump

    Sen. Rand Paul said he won't be bribed or bullied into signing the repeal. A salute to him!
  10. Trump humor

    Good one Michael. ROTFLMAO -J
  11. IQ

    As I recently told my Dr. @ the annual physical exam..."well here I am, older and uglier than I was a yr. ago. The doc laughed and said..."so's everyone else".
  12. Get read for $4.00 gas...

    Sell? based on what? Non taxable distributions (dividends), which I've received over the last 5 yrs or more are an attractive incentive to stay in the game.
  13. Get read for $4.00 gas...

    Here's a report from Energy Transfer Partners, a large player in the energy sector & a stock I own, on the effects of the hurricane on their operations.
  14. Google, Indoctrination and James Damore

    Indeed. I believe AR said or wrote...Those who fight for the future are living in it today.