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  1. Robert_Bumbalough

    Ayn Rand And The End Of Love

    Hi Brant. Thanks for the comment. I apologize for offending you; I suck at cycling and can barely crank for 20 miles. On the other hand, the ARI guys are thoroughly smeared over at SoloPassion in context of orthodox Randian O-ism, so maybe Pete's take is more proper. Hell, after all these years I'm still trying to get through the books. Jesus; I must be some kind of kooky rotter. Wolf told the truth. Gold and Crypto baby. That's the ticket. Okay then, back to work and put your backs into it. Happy Memorial :)
  2. Robert_Bumbalough

    Ayn Rand And The End Of Love

  3. Robert_Bumbalough

    Ayn Rand And The End Of Love

    Hi BC. Good one. The USG is far from what the founders and framers intended, so any Prez who deregulates to lessens the scope of Uncle's power is doing right by me. The Federal Reserve thing makes us all slaves to and addicts for the dollar, so there can't be, as Wolf pointed out, a Galt's Gulch. Nevertheless, O-ism is mostly about getting one's own head screwed on straight, so that on balance the pros outweigh the cons makes me think I don't have to go eat a bullet.
  4. Robert_Bumbalough

    Ayn Rand And The End Of Love

    Been further reading AS. Currently at part 3 chapter 4 that section where after Cheryl and James Taggert have a discussion of fundamental values about what makes one be what they are that results in James throwing a hissy fit and slamming the door on Cheryl and that she then goes to visit Dagny and apologize for insulting her at the wedding. That dialog speaks to me and makes me cringe at how much my life has been in some ways like the fictional James Taggert. Oh crap. I have dishonored all rational persons by going along with the "rotter" and "moucher" ideology absorbed when I was a child, so now all these years later I find I need to work on my mind to get rational. The audio book of that section is linked. Cool.On to the next deal where I've an opportunity to earn a bit of being worthy.
  5. Robert_Bumbalough

    Ayn Rand And The End Of Love

    Hi Pete. Yeah. I voted for Trump for two reasons. I thought he was the lesser evil by virtue of his seeming incompetence and because Hillary is a crook guilty of thousands of counts of the espionage law that BTW disqualifies an offender from holding elected office. Surprisingly, Trump is doing pretty well despite the silly rhetoric and speech snafus. Love the tax cut, the deregulatory regime, the wall, a strong military, cancelling the Paris Accord and the Iran Nuke Deal. Love the hard line on the Norks. Don't like the kow towing to religious mystics, but I do love the booming economy. Jesus H Christ, I'm busier than an one legged man in a sack hopping race. Love how Trump backs the Blue. Cops need help crushing violent felons, but I wish he'd stay off Twitter. Time to mow the lawn. Chat ya later.
  6. Robert_Bumbalough

    Ayn Rand And The End Of Love

    Hello Sports Fans. It's that silly time of year again wherein mid-term election campaigns are increasing activity. With the caveat in mind that one's own self is the most easy person to fool, I find myself faced with choosing the lesser evil. Should I vote for the lefty collectivists who will legislate for higher taxes, more regulations, more government controls over my life while virtue signaling to their SJW supporters, or should I vote for the conservatives who are equally delusional as their lefty adversaries but who will legislate for lower taxes and less government control of my life and the lives of the citizens even though the later politicians bloviate to appease fanboys-and-girls of religious mythology? Would I be sacrificing and living for those fan-smucks if I press the button for their preferred candidate? And if I did that would I be not loving myself? Would an Objectivist philosopher think they would require a suprelative analogy to infer to a process of self-inflicted sacrifice by compromising to vote for the lesser evil or would an O.P. decide to err on the side of caution and boycott an election between a scientism leaning collectivist statist lefty control freak vs a primacy of consciousness religious mystic neo-tribalist and corporatism fan? What's a kitty to do?
  7. Robert_Bumbalough

    Book Review "Anti Piketty: Capital for the 21st Century"

    Informative presentation
  8. Robert_Bumbalough

    A Different Kind of Objectivist Romance

    Hi Mike. How does Mr Johnson reconcile his views of genetic determinism with O-ism's free will doctrine Ms Rand wrote about in Galt's speech regarding the virtue of pride. How does one go about shaping one's core emotional responses (soul?) into an image of what they've adopted from O-ism as their moral ideal? Thanks. 😃
  9. Robert_Bumbalough

    Ayn Rand And The End Of Love

    Hi there and good morning Mr Devoon. Good one. Yeah, okay. I'll make it more explicit in honor of Atlas Shrugged. <Digression> (I finally finished part 2 and then viewed the AS part 2 video. It fails to capture the psychological development of the characters. Although the misplacing of Richard Halley's bug out with Galt was an attempt at flavoring a psycho-epistemological evolution by way of contrast and thus an effort avoiding the omniscient narrator trope.) </Digression.> I was making a literary allusion to one of the themes used by Ayn Rand in her famous novel. Your incredulity speaks to my motivation in asking for a diagnosis of constipation, but my hobby has no bearing. Stop evading. Tell me the truth. Are we slaves because we use US Dollars? If so, to where can one escape? Would that be avoidable if they stopped using USD and switched entirely to crypto? Cheers
  10. Robert_Bumbalough

    Ayn Rand And The End Of Love

    To be an Objectivist does not depend upon adhering to the Striker's Oath, or does it? If one is not an Objectivist unless they adhere to the Striker's Oath, then no US citizen or legally domiciled person within the legal jurisdiction of the United States can be an Objectivist due to their enslavement via the Federal Reserve System making them and all US citizens and legally domiciled persons within the jurisdiction of the United States surety collateral or guarantors against the debt obligation of the US dollar relative to all such persons. Yikes! Time to bug out to a secret valley, otherwise one is merely helping moochers and looters destroy one's own self, if one wishes to live objectively. I hope this is wrong. Tell me I need gentle overnight relief and that I should be happy that the big box store is having their annual laxative jamboree.
  11. Robert_Bumbalough

    Ayn Rand And The End Of Love

    "They're all aristocrats, that's true," said [Ellis] Wyatt, "because they know there's no such thing as a lousy job, only lousy men who don't care to do it." ~ 'Atlas Shrugged' Part 3 c.1 p.720
  12. Robert_Bumbalough

    At least it's Real Fake News

    Hi Carol. Is Doug palsy-walsy with PM Justin I-Never-Met-A-Victim-Group-I-Couldn't-Exploit Trudeau?
  13. Robert_Bumbalough

    Ackley's career path took him from entry level to president

    Whoa! More Winning. Supervisor is allowing me to get sample of wire the factory uses by the mile at like half price for a savings of at least $20K by EOY.
  14. Robert_Bumbalough

    Ackley's career path took him from entry level to president

    Pow. Bada-Bing-Bada-Boom. Bola-Bola. Being productive. Yeah! Baby! New lumber vendor set up. First order about to be placed. Crate it. Ship it. Call Dagney and set me up a box car on the siding spur line out back. Gotta love Taggert Transcontinental!
  15. Robert_Bumbalough

    Ackley's career path took him from entry level to president

    I love the smell of productivity in the mornings. --------------------------- A.B. Beverage Racks Up Productivity: Kudos to Doug Varadore V.P. & G.M.