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  1. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    Your have it backward to what I said. On Sep 23 I wrote, "The circular path's length is obviously the circumference and ignores the fact that the circle is moving. The curved paths do not ignore the circles moving." The circular path is only rotation with no horizontal movement. Since the circles do move horizontally in the experiment, the circular path is not part of the experiment. The circular path is part of the paradox.
  2. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    You said you saw a catenary. If you are too stupid to know that a catenary is formed by a hanging wire chain or cable, so be it. You are the liar. I didn't make it up. It came from WolframMathWorld: "The curve a hanging flexible wire or chain assumes when supported at its ends and acted upon by a uniform gravitational force" (link). Like the rabidly dishonest scumbag you are, you tried to sweep that reference under the rug by misquoting.
  3. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    Written by the idiot who imagines he sees a catenary and a non-existent hanging chain or cable in this video.
  4. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    LOL, stupid moron and 100% duped. "It notes interesting things about cycloid-drawing points on a rolling wheel, but does not directly address the alleged equality that the paradox is about" (link). LOL, stupid.
  5. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    What an ignorant moron. Even a roll of duct tape makes this blatantly false.
  6. Ken Burns Vietnam War Series

    Confirming again his sole talents evident on OL -- name-calling, insults, and lying.
  7. Ken Burns Vietnam War Series

    He laughs at the deaths of thousands of American troops. He is truly sick in the head.
  8. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    Total hogwash.
  9. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    I haven't missed it any. My resolution said it clearly.
  10. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    The reality is that Jonathan is prey to his own self-deluded creation, or too dishonest to admit to his fraud. Remove the rock ledge from his video and the apparent slipping vanishes. Indeed, removing the ledge is not needed to plainly see his scam/con game. Look around the top of the protrusion. There is no apparent slipping. The protrusion and the neighboring part of the wheel move in the non-slip parallel way like real world wheels do. Absent the rock ledge a similar non-slip parallel movement would be seen below the protrusion. The ledge makes a ruse. If the horizontal movement were faster, the non-slip parallel movement of the region above the protrusion would be proportionately faster. It would not appear to slip more. In contrast, with the ledge the protrusion's motion (below) appears relative to a stationary object. The faster the rolling, the more is the apparent slippage. His rockwheel video and his isolated video (link) make a scan/con game – a fraud -- to subvert the unobstructed representation of a real world wheel. It's Jonathan trying to butcher the truth. He added other videos to "lessen the distraction." What he actually did was increase the deception. With 'isolated' he eliminated all non-slip parallel motion next to the inner circle. LOL, moron and 100% duped.
  11. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    Where did I say your explanation of the non-existence of a paradox is a scam? That's so typical. You take what I say, butcher or mangle it, and then portray it as what I said.
  12. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    What a stupid idiot. There is no catenary in that video. "The curve a hanging flexible wire or chain assumes when supported at its ends and acted upon by a uniform gravitational force" (link). The idiot imagines he sees a non-existent hanging chain or cable, just like he imagines seeing an inner circle non-existently slipping. Here is a catenary.
  13. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    Wow. Jonathan made the momentous discovery that I can't draw a perfect cycloid with a mouse. (Whoop-de-do. I can't read Chinese either.) I suggest the retard ask for a star on his kindergarten report card. After all, it is Toiletathan's best effort on this thread so far. His efforts consist of nitpicking, lies, ridicule, braying, name-calling, and no substance. He's all bark, no bite, no teeth. On second thought, that might be dull second-hand false teeth. Baal, apparently you don't understand Jonathan. All evidence here indicates that his sole purpose in life is to try to ridicule other people.
  14. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    At least i am not a lying scam artist like you.
  15. Aristotle's wheel paradox

    Ditto to and about you.