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  1. Conspiracy theories and Conspiracy theorists

    Oh, I forgot. The one rally Mueller's "muh Russians" did where some folks actually showed up was an anti-Trump rally. What's more, CNN and MSNBC covered it so heavily, they were practically partners. Flashback: CNN and MSNBC Helped Russia Sow Discord by Promoting Fake Anti-Trump Rally Michael
  2. Conspiracy theories and Conspiracy theorists

    Mah man, Jimmy Dore sees it, too. I've only seen 4 minutes of this video so far, but it's late. I'll have to finish it tomorrow. But in those four minutes, Jimmy's already started shredding the indictments as a joke and I know the video will be worth watching. As I said above, this is embarrassing for the US government. Imagine President Trump now having to talk to Putin about nuclear arms, Syria, the Ukraine, Islamist terrorists, maybe not starting WWIII, or any number of world-important issues and knowing that the gleam in Putin's eye is because he wants to burst out laughing: "My dear President Trump. We will not extradite our Internet clickbait trolls to face American justice. It's a matter of national pride." Michael
  3. Conspiracy theories and Conspiracy theorists

    Thank God I'm not the only one who is seeing this. The backlash starts. The following video was tweeted by Julian Assange. That's right. Mueller indicted a click farm. As I study Internet marketing, that jumped out at me as soon as I saw it. But watch the video to get a good idea of what that means. The worst part is that, as this dude said, this indictment could be later used as grounds against foreign press people here in the US just for writing about an election. Assange saw this, too. Here's the tweet where he posted the video (I didn't include the video in the tweet, but it's there on Twitter): I was gobsmacked by the sheer stupidity of this indictment when it happened. I didn't even pick up on the danger, but there it is. Michael
  4. Donald Trump

    Here's some Trump love from Red Pill Black on President's day: She left out The Deep State. But I forgive her. Michael
  5. AH, Are you a troll? You certainly have been acting like one recently. Try to make some sense instead of trying to make a philosophy forum look like a romper room for drugged out losers. Michael
  6. Fake News

    If anybody wants to see the real deal up close re the mainstream media (and who it bows down to), follow the link in Sharyl's tweet below: Here is a direct quote from this document by David Brock (Media Matters) that was drawn up with intention of being confidential. The document is full of things like that. Michael
  7. Trump humor

    OMG! The pain... the pain... ROTFLMAO Michael
  8. Ayn Rand And The End Of Love

    Peter, I didn't see the movie but I am going to. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I have a project with my step-son (who is on the autistic spectrum, but writes fiction). I'm trying to get him to read a book a week so we can discuss the different pros and cons from a writing perspective, then see the movie if one is available (Sean is high-functioning.). He started with Ender's Game. Right now he's doing Twilight. Since I read The Circle and he loves social media stuff (and girls his age ), I put it in the mix. I sure hope Hollywood fixed the wooden characters. People complain that movies spoil the books they are based on, but I have found that movies save the books at least half the time or more (including Ender's Game, which was a glorified shooter-like video game in the book, including levels and all, with some plot twists). Apropos, I think the movie of The Circle tanked with both critics and public (see here). Michael
  9. What to learn about Russian goals when you don't really care [updated]

    Said by someone who probably pronounces about (ah-BAWT) like ah-BOOT. Michael
  10. What to learn about Russian goals when you don't really care [updated]

    William, Lawyer? Right in front of my nose? Dayaamm. If it was a snake it would have bitten me. My apologies. I remember a time when I used to be competent... Michael
  11. What to learn about Russian goals when you don't really care [updated]

    William, You left out lawyer. A damn good one. And maybe legal scourge of Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton and other bigshot ruling class elitists who try to abuse power, along with the mighty mean machine, Sam Seder, and other brutal hunky Herculean culture warriors fighting for their right to rule you and me. Michael
  12. Trump humor

    This has to go in humor for all the outrage it is causing in SJW world, especially among the Hollywood crowd. From John Nolte at Breitbart: ‘Black Panther’ Review: The Movie’s Hero is Trump, the Villain is Black Lives Matter What's worse, I will know for sure after I see the movie (whenever I see it), but I'm pretty sure Nolte is right. From the article: LOL... Michael
  13. Conspiracy theories and Conspiracy theorists

    William, Thanks for the document. But whaddya know? Surprise, surprise. It is as dumb-ass as this. Michael
  14. Fake News

    What's worse, the FBI is taking the heat for it. The FBI allowed itself to get sidetracked too much with anti-Trump bullshit to do its job properly. Even Florida governor Rick Scott is now calling for Christopher Wray's head (see here). That's what you get when law enforcement partners up with the mainstream media fake news propaganda machines. Here's a fine rant by Mike Cernovich illustrating this fury at the FBI perfectly. And he's not the only one out there. Cernovich's new motto for the FBI: Forget the children, protect the Clintons. At least top FBI folks know if things go really south, they can always get a job as a commentator at some fake news outlet or other like John Brennan did at NBC (MSNBC). Michael
  15. Conspiracy theories and Conspiracy theorists

    Rosenstein just now announced that Mueller is indicting some Russians for setting up a VPN and spamming social media (see here). A VPN is a virtual private network, which sounds technical and complicated and stuff, but every hosting company on earth offers VPN's even in newbie promotions. They are mostly used for anonymous surfing, sending bulk email and so forth. This is embarrassing. The best and the brightest in US law enforcement spent 2 years and millions and millions of dollars to indict some spammers (alleged spammers) in Russia who will never even be brought to the US to stand trial. And they even concluded that no Americans were involved. Well... that would have to include President Trump and his people, right? They're Americans. So what the hell is Mueller investigating? The press is hollering it's head off, though. See? Muh Russians! Muh Russians! The Russians did it! They elected Trump! Part of the accusation against the Russians is that they staged competing rallies at the same time, for Trump and for Clinton. For God's sake. At least they told people that not everything is as it appears on the Internet. Well duh... Dayaamm! This is at a level of amateurishness and incompetence that we actually need a conspiracy theory somewhere just to jazz it up. It can't be as dumb-ass as this. I bet David Brock is looking at this thing unfold and hoping it's only a brush fire. If anyone doesn't know what this means and wants to know, he's Hillary Clinton's spammer and dirty tricks honcho. See the book The Smear: How Shady Political Operatives and Fake News Control What You See, What You Think, and How You Vote by Sharyl Attkisson for a full explanation and documentation. Michael