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  1. Charlottesville Unite the Right Rally Madness

    It's incredible how biased the media is. I was listening to CNN yesterday and their four guests were a member of the $outhern Poverty Law Center, a former neo-Nazi turned leftist, "anti racist" activist Tim Wise and their "justice reporter." I hadn't heard of Preston before but he said that Antifa is a terrorist organization akin to the Klan. He knows leaders of the Alt Right and Antifa so he seems to know what he's talking about.
  2. Charlottesville Unite the Right Rally Madness

    This is essential to understanding Charlottsvile -
  3. News: Goddess of the Market by Jennifer Burns

    I liked Burns' book and also Heller's. I hope some day there will be a biography that incorporates all of the relevant material (such is the ARI Archives). But that being said, I don't have any reason to think that the three Rand biographies will be shown ton be "arbitrary assertions."
  4. News: Goddess of the Market by Jennifer Burns

    The latest from Jennifer Burns:
  5. Hidden Figures

    I haven't seen the film, but if the claim is that these women were essential to NASA (in other words the flights wouldn't have happened or would have taken a lot longer) is there any evidence that this is true?
  6. Do we need to Rethink Immigration?

    Fantastic new essay on immigration by Objectivist Ed Powell:
  7. The Story Wars of Hot Political Issues

    In case people haven't heard, Perigo will be debating Yaron Brook on February 10 on Amy Peikoff's show. Topics will be immigration and Donald Trump. -Neil Parille
  8. Further fairytales from Yaron Brook

    I think Temple said he wanted to discuss Szasz, Popper and Reisman favorably. Apparently not three of Harry's favorite people.
  9. Do we need to Rethink Immigration?

    To the best of my knowledge she didn't write about it at all.
  10. Further fairytales from Yaron Brook

    This guy was apparently banned from HBL. (go to "recent comments") I listen to Brook's show and I don't think he said how he voted.
  11. Donald Trump

    Maybe we should write a book, The Passion of Donald Trump's Critics.
  12. Does Mr. Brook have an area of expertise? Finance, I guess. But he thinks he's an expert on everything. He said The Bell Curve was mostly wrong, but it was good science then and the evidence is only getting stronger.
  13. Yaron Brook attacks the alt right. I don't know much about the alt right (from what little I do I think Brook misrepresents it) but he doesn't have a clue about IQ.
  14. A Companion to Ayn Rand

    I'm waiting for the next bio of Rand. You may have to wait a long time.
  15. A Companion to Ayn Rand

    I reposted it and it went back up/