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  1. Jonathan

    Conspiracy theories and Conspiracy theorists

    Jones is certainly more kooky than not, registering on the Kookmeter just slightly less kooky than Dan Rather, Paul Krugman and Mika Brzezinski. His particular paranoia and lunacy is almost right about at their level. J
  2. Jonathan

    Crossborder Faceoffs

    I'm not seeing any solutions in there. What do you propose, Billy? J
  3. Jonathan

    Donald Trump

    This one will be interesting to watch unfold. It's all optics. No one had any problem whatsoever when the previous administration was keeping kids in cages, and no one is proposing any solutions, including Mrs. Bush. What should happen? What should the law be, and what policies would be "moral" by Mrs. Bush's beliefs? When parents commit crimes, should their children be incarcerated with them? Is that what she wants? Should the children be set free and left to fend for themselves on the streets? Does Mrs. Bush prefer that? Should parents be absolved of all crimes so as not to disrupt the lives of their children? Should immigration laws be selectively ignored when former First Ladies and the malleable masses start expressing feelings? Should we also apply these ideas of laws and feelings to all other issues, or only to those that have become the Narrative™ and the latest fashion in outrage? J
  4. Jonathan

    Is freedom to breed a right?

    Yup, he's good at memorizing shitpiles of info, but terrible at thinking.
  5. Jonathan

    Is freedom to breed a right?

    Indeed. He's apparently superhuman in the area of absorbing and memorizing information, yet way below average at putting that information together and doing anything intelligent, original and useful with it. J
  6. Jonathan

    Donald Trump

    Well, that must be proof of his guilt and immorality! If an activist Democrat state attorney general has filed a lawsuit, it must be the truth, and there's no need to wait for a trial or to hear the other side of the story.
  7. Jonathan

    The Story Wars of Hot Political Issues

    At least "Nouveau Puritanical insecure soy eaters" has some truth to it, where the Narrative™ that has been made up about Trump and his supporters has none. J
  8. Jonathan

    Donald Trump

    I think it's pretty clear that what's so upsetting to Carol is that Trump is beating her side at their own game. J
  9. Jonathan

    Donald Trump

    So, the Narrative™ seems to be that Trump is a fucking bastard if he doesn't kiss the feet of our friends and allies, who are apparently so tender, fickle and hubristic that previous administrations have had to work very hard diplomatically to establish "friendships" with them via ego strokings, economic surrender and other forms of submissiveness. And, boo hoo, Trump is being nicer to evil Kim than he is to our sweet, dear "friends." Pretty dishonest Narrative™. Let's consider the entire perspective of carrots and sticks in the comparison: Kim is facing displays of military might while being given a last change to avoid the ultimate ass-kicking. Our whiny, delicate turd "friends" are simply being told that we will be putting our interests first, rather than bowing to theirs, and no threats of military force are involved. Get a grip. J
  10. Jonathan

    Donald Trump

    I got the impression that it was more about power speaking down to someone who just spoke truth to power. It appeared to be the attitude of a group making demands and citing expectations of having their impression of their own power obeyed and bowed to. J
  11. Jonathan

    Donald Trump

    I'd still be interested in discovering what, if anything, little old Punchy believes that Trump has done, or wants to do, that is so horrific that Punchy has to throw a profane tantrum at an entertainment awards show on national television while not bothering to ever explain specifically what has gotten him so angry. Does he have the brains and self-awareness to know what has stirred up such hatred in him? Is he capable of anything other than grunting and making threats? J
  12. Jonathan

    The Story Wars of Hot Political Issues

    Attempted humor, in order to succeed, needs to be truthful. The above isn't. It isn't making fun of Trump, but of the really bad straw man caricature narrative that the left has tried, and failed, to construct of Trump. It is kind of cool to be learning just how much the left has forgotten how to appeal to people, and is now making fun of hope and inspiration. They've forgotten how Billy Clinton and Barry Obama got elected. They seem to think that their anger and cynicism, and their being vocally opposed to the pretend straw man Trump that they've invented is going to get them somewhere? Cool. Keep it up! J
  13. Jonathan

    The Story Wars of Hot Political Issues

    It's a hoot watching people who are all style and zero substance criticizing this masterful use of aesthetics. J
  14. Jonathan

    Donald Trump

    You're probably right. J
  15. Jonathan

    Crossborder Faceoffs