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  1. Objectivist Esthetics, R.I.P.

    Bob, I think this is the first reasonable thing you have said about art. Years ago I had the pleasure to friend Jan Koenderink, a vision scientist. He tackles some of the complex issues of visual perception, and he sees some overlap with figurative artists. I just uploaded his lecture, Science and Art in the 21st Century, here. You might enjoy his way of thinking.
  2. ART CONTEST!!!!

  3. Donald Trump

    Michael, Congratulations are in order. Virtually all of your political comments are spot on. You are reading the nuances perfectly as well as how Trump masters the field. I am surprised you get his inner mindset so well. Though on the other side it seems the majority of people get him too, but they are not saying it as well as you.
  4. Romantic Manifesto and Painting Talk, Questions?

    Tony, thanks for sharing your response to the Courbet. It also mirrors my own, something along the lines of creative frustration, like: "how the hell am I going to solve this?!" This is along the lines of the issues my talk is heading. Thanks for you input.
  5. Romantic Manifesto and Painting Talk, Questions?

    Michael, very thoughtful comments. You bring up a good issue of the objectivist snobbery, ha but it is in the minor leagues when compared professional art critics. Which I am guilty of but not as a tool of intimidation, rather I think because I am not great at verbal communication - it is something I have been working on this last year. Others have less of an excuse. ; ) But I will keep it in mind. I wonder if it is not a problem with humanities in general? And an excellent second point about neophytes, and the trouble they go through swallowing dictates. Glad you introduced that point to me, now it will be at the forefront of my mind navigating through the talk. Abstraction as a tool is a part of the presentation: the role it plays in representational art vs. as a form in itself. Very different processes, knowledge, and execution. I will research the Aristotle/Rand causation thing. I don't know now if it ties into the concept of an artwork being an end in itself that represents a mass of emotional, conceptual, and perceptual information.
  6. Romantic Manifesto and Painting Talk, Questions?

    Thanks for your responses guys.
  7. Gustave Courbet Self Portrait, 1845 Hi All, July 13, '16 I will be giving an art talk in Vegas at the Atlas Summit/ #FreedomFest. The talk will be on Rand's concepts in the Romantic Manifesto and how they relate to painting, and perhaps sculpture. Maybe Jonathan, Scherk, and a few others have questions they would like to see discussed? The talk will be introducing RM to a general audience, and as a refresher presentation to those that are familiar with Rand. I don't mind "gotcha" questions as long as I can discern the queries and if not too complicated. I will respond to some of the comments here to clarify things, but I will keep my conclusions for the talk.
  8. Newbsie

    Good comments Jonathan. Have we turned a corner? It seems so.
  9. Donald Trump

    Undeniably you make good points about the bigger picture. My take on MSK's post was that he was talking about Ryan vying for the Presidency in Ryan's particularly underhanded and falsely modest way.
  10. Donald Trump

    Spot on.
  11. Donald Trump

    Michael, this post was great. And the entire thread has been a pleasure to read, even the posts of J, Selene, Jon, and some of Scherk's (I have trouble following his thoughts.) It seems to have brought out the best of almost everyone.
  12. Michelle Marder Kamhi's "Who Says That's Art?"

    You are almost on my side. ; ) Christo's Umbrellas fit the K's concept of the mathematically Sublime. If you don't recall them, they were industrial umbrellas spread over hillsides in California and Japan, and they went on so far as to disappear beyond hills - they never gave us a sense of a finite object but one that goes on forever. Anyway the key to all this Kant stuff in the arts is that K's Concepts of the Sublime = Postmodern Art foundations. But the discussion does require that others that know the difference between, facts, proofs, and opinions - and art. I've enjoyed leaving a few details of my background, a new work on another thread, calling into question J's background (never wise to take a person's word as gospel without 3rd party corroborative info, but you all knew that, right?), and I am disappointed in most the posters on this thread for their lack of vision, and lack of values and what they are for. This site is feeling lifeless. And I enjoyed my little experiment here – just call a con a con. And if you decide to join authentic humanity – growing, evolving, and being more passionate you might then find more meaning in my work, Cheers, Michael
  13. Michelle Marder Kamhi's "Who Says That's Art?"

    No maybe about it, you are. And you know it.
  14. Michelle Marder Kamhi's "Who Says That's Art?"

    I think you are going about this the wrong way. You would impress me if you could identify what I or any other artist is doing well, and why. That would actually be fun. Instead you are way to focused on trying to find anything wrong. Yeah, I have been painting for 40 + years, and taught, etc. You write as if I don’t know anything about art. Don’t you think it would be interesting if there were stuff that you could discover? Instead of being monolithically stuck?