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  1. What's Up With Harvey?

    Roy Moore's accuser Leigh Corfman interviewed ... More lies from all nine of Roy Moore's accusers ...
  2. Canada Let A Cockroach In

    Backlashing ...
  3. Sessions, leaks, security, Manafort and 'false news.'

    Well, the plot to remove McMaster just got a jolt of energy: #FireMcMaster!
  4. Readers will have seen this week one tyrant near the end of his reign -- Mugabe in Zimbabwe, who will likely be impeached next month -- and may have speculated on what the ruckus in Saudia Arabia portends for the family autocracy there (setting aside humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen). I've been following the activist Iyad el-Baghdadi for quite a while on Twitter. He was jailed and expelled from Saudi Arabia and found refuge in Norway, after having become a stinging thorn in the side of autocrats throughout the Arab world. As he added entries to his "Arab Tyrants Manual" his relative fame/notoriety/danger grew. Readers here may be interested to know of his self-identification as an "Islamic Libertarian." Long story short, he has launched a new project that I like the looks of ... he is wicked smart, incisive, funny and informed. Here we get a close look at Saudi Arabia's failures as a regime. Not as much zany fun as an hour with Loren Lockman, but hey. Here's the Soundcloud embed: Here I add a striking video that depicts the relentless economic development of the alternative Saudi Arabia, the jewel of the Emirates, Dubai.
  5. What's Up With Harvey?

    Jurist and candidate for high office admits to sordid|normal|thanks-for-not-telling-us sex life ... As of yet, no comment from Paul Joseph Watson, Rush Limbaugh, Styxhexenhammer, David Seaman or the creator of Dilbert.
  6. 24 Reasons Objectivists (Might) Love Roy Moore [Updated]

    Roy Moore appears before the media scrum, takes hard questions, stands up for himself -- instead of hiding behind lawyers, campaign directors, assorted supporters or his wife -- finally! Hear his responses to questions [Exclusive]. White House calls allegations 'extremely troubling.'
  7. What's Up With Harvey?

    'Grab 'em by the Pussy' Groper-in-Chief misspells Frankenstein.
  8. Objectivist Esthetics, R.I.P.

    A bottle-opener, a gallery named Cordair, and a short course in Randian esthetics ... "Rand would have been scathing about statues in lamps, etc"
  9. 24 Reasons Objectivists (Might) Love Roy Moore [Updated]

    Stay-at-home jurists may be just getting their robes on. It isn't too early to judge all the Moore accusers as liars. It is never too early to take a stand against the liars ... Emphases added ... Moore wrote: -- so, this is in some people's minds an indication that Beverly Young Nelson is a liar, that her allegations are lies. Let's have a listen to what the Moore lawyer said about "contact." What happens when one investigates a bit further? Do minds change or do they remain loyal to a political position above all? Do rational minds closely examine proffered explanations or do minds rush to judge ... ?
  10. Objectivist Esthetics, R.I.P.

    "Since you are normally reticent to take any outright stand [...] Explain, with regard to art "objects", and give instances of what you envisage."
  11. 24 Reasons Objectivists (Might) Love Roy Moore [Updated]

    "It will be hard to stomach him preaching about how moral and caring of humanity he is. He needs to earn back his public respect, not pounce on it because he was exposed." Who, Roy Moore? "No. Roy Moore did nothing. The eight women are all fucking liars." “God’s laws are always superior to man’s laws.” Roy Moore for Senate, he is the only moral choice!
  12. What's Up With Harvey?

    In today's seminar we will explore the differences between Monsters/Pedophile Satanic Rothschild Ruling Cult members like Al Franken and France's First Lady of Pedophilia -- and the "witch hunt" against pure, sweet, innocent Roy Moore." CliffNotes: IOKIYAR.
  13. 24 Reasons Objectivists (Might) Love Roy Moore [Updated]

    "What does Roy Moore [Al Franken] deserve? Does he deserve a seat in the Senate, by your eyes, your political instinct, your heart, your strategic mind, your reason?" Mike Cernovich Periscope - What science says about how Roy Moore should handle the allegations Ivanka Trump: 'Special Place in Hell for People Who Prey on Children'
  14. What's Up With Harvey?

    " New women are appearing and it is tedious to examine each one to see the holes in the story, then find there are."