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    Carol, (Image by Ward Sutton from here.) Michael
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    Michael, First I lost my dollar signs, now I get no heart symbol on my posts. No money, no love. Are you trying to tell me something?
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    Maybe The Vigilante should be played by Bruce Willis.
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    Korben, We obviously disagree. As to evidence, this is a discussion board, not a court of law. In discussions like we run here on OL, connecting dots is a part of the process. At the start of dot-connecting, there almost never is any evidence in the manner you keep demanding. On any issue. That comes after investigations. But investigations only come after dot-connecting. For example, when people started connecting dots about Trump being propped up by Russia, I don't recall you, personally, demanding evidence. You seemed fine with the dot-connecting back then. When a special counsel was appointed to investigate Russia propping up Trump, I don't recall any complaint from your end. After all, we needed to uncover the facts, right? What could be wrong with that? Now, after two years of very expensive investigation and still nada, I still don't recall you ever complaining. The point is that President Trump is a big boy and he took the investigation process on the chin like a man. And you did not deem the pain in the neck this caused everyone worthy of mention. But you don't want Schiff to be subject to the same treatment now that dots are being connected? Why? As to me, personally, I don't have a high opinion of a Congressman who constantly leaks stuff to the mainstream press that should be classified, then hogs camera time more than any other Congressman by far (just look at the stats) to grandstand and run an actual character assassination campaign against the President--all without evidence. What's worse, he has kept claiming he personally saw the non-existent evidence in Congressional meetings when he was lying through his teeth on camera. Over and over and over. Don't worry. If my speculations about Schiff don't pan out, I'll be sure to apologize. I don't expect he will ever do the same about President Trump. That would be the moral thing to do, but I don't except it of him because I don't think he is a man with good morals. So I, for one, will wait and see. Equal justice for all and all that... Frankly, I have my druthers about them catching this SOB well caught and levelling the full extent of the law on him. If he is a pedophile, if he has damaged children with his pecker, or if he has been complicit in covering for those who do this abomination, he needs to resign from Congress and go to jail. And there's this... I won't need his friggin' apology to President Trump for attempted character assassination if he is behind bars. Michael
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    Korben, You're the one who posted a video showing some of the speculation. ... The claim was that Schiff was probably a ruling class pedophile, so where is the evidence to say there is probability? I posted the video asking if the evidence was in the video, but now according to the latest response there is only speculation; speculation is not probability in my book. I listened to the logic of their argument, but there wasn't any logic to it. And there wasn't any evidence. I came to the conclusion they were forming a conspiracy. Are they insane? They need to use logic. If you called a law enforcement they would not look into the claim that Schiff is probably a pedophile based off a conspiracy theory. There are facts of reality in the video, but they are not connected. Respectfully, no way am I going to "just see what happens"!! There is no evidence to even form such a speculation!! But I have to ask---who are the important people that are looking into this, can you name one? It's tantamount to character assassination. I might not agree with Schiff, but launching a conspiracy theory that he probably/speculatively is a pedophile is a clear attack against his character, without any evidence to base it on.
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    The New York Times Book Review (I know, I know, but it is the International Edition and is all about South America and Africa, and it is free with the Toronto Star on Sunday)-- they have a feature where they ask authors who they themselves like to read. It is really enjoyable even though I have usually never heard of the authors being interviewed or of half the living writers they cite. And last week was just woo-hoo! for me. It was an economist-writer I never heard of (natch) but she answered this question: "If you could invite 3 writers living or dead to a dinner party, whom would you want?" ACnd she said, "Vikram Seth (my own total favourite of the century), Maya Angelou (American poet etc) and wait for it... Ayn Rand! That is the most perfect mix I can possibly think of., what with Vikram and Maya trying stiltedly to talk poetry over AR's scornful smiling gaze, her razorlike comments ringing through the bewildered clutter of the other two making excuses for their muddled thinking. and me hiding under the table before the inevitable epic catfight. The answers to this kind of question to celebrities is always so predictable and disappointing. Jesus, Ronald Reagan and/or FDR, etc. I am sure OLers can do better. Which 3 would you bring home for dinner, dead or alive?
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    And the fur flies. On that note, let's have Noam Chomsky, Alan Dershowitz, and Sam Harris. https://samharris.org/the-limits-of-discourse/
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    Funny Guiliani!
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    Rush Limbaugh says Schneiderman's left-wing women got fed up with him putting them in the hospital from beatings, then bragging in public about how he fights for women's rights. Feminists Attempt But Fail to Protect Sexual Predator Schneiderman Rush's contention is that all of these high-profile left-wing men who keep getting busted for abusing women were devoted to pro-feminist causes to get poontang and cover up their abusive predilections. Schneiderman is merely one of many (going back to Clinton and beyond). It makes sense. Rush says this is called Liberal Privilege. It's kinda like White Privilege, but with a few minor differences. btw - Here is Samantha Bee trying to make Schneiderman a superhero last November. The reason for this kind of storytelling propaganda effort was because Schneiderman was the left's big hope to take out President Trump. But it has now backfired big-time. Bee even changed her title to the video, but, to the public at large, the clean-up is messier than the poo on the floor she left. It looks like the stage one goes through right before rewriting history. Michael
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    'Who is an incel at heart?'
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    NXIVM is a good example of the sort of tactics that dark systems utilize. It is hard to imagine keeping many individualists in a line, but that’s not the personality type these groups harness. The news reporting about this group and what is happening is not honest. For one thing, the news keeps saying “sex cult,” like it’s just some orgy club. Yet Allison Mack is charged with trafficking young children. And now this latest news about one of the cult’s doctors. Keep in mind, my fellow innocent-minded, non-naive, rational Objectivists, he was NOT doing research, this wasn’t a “study” or “experiment.” Rather, this is simply how members (by the many hundreds, probably many, many thousands before the investigation is over) were kept in line - with mind-numbing psychological terror. Members were shown what had happened to other, past members. These were group cohesion exercises. (There are goodies, too, obviously, for good behavior.) We normal healthy people simply do not have the perspective with which to imagine how mafias, cults and secret societies are kept in unison. We don’t want to imagine it either, generally. “NXIVM 'sex cult' doctor is charged with conducting 'fright study' experiments and showing members videos of rape, dismemberment and a man being forced to eat his own brain “actual video of the horrific and brutal murders and dismemberment of four women by machete” http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5695523/NXIVM-cult-doctor-charged-conducting-fright-study-experiments.html#ixzz5ElgwMg2B
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    Carol, I'll try to go slow. Nobody had ever heard of Incels until quite recently except for a very tiny number of fringe people. Now, suddenly, the media is hollering their heads off about Incels as if this were a widely known thing for a long time like ISIS. Whether you agree that this is strange or not (but it is as strange as all get out ), there is a fact of complex societies like the one we live in. When power is involved, powerful people who are threatened with change and about to lose their power do bad things to try to keep it. Also, people who don't have power and want it often do bad things to get it. One of the favorite dark side tactics is to create chaos in order to create the need to impose order. The public clamors for order if the chaos is bad or has strong media impact. The ones who can supply that order are the ones the public will follow. One of the favorite covert ways of creating such chaos is to take unstable people and goose them until they do something atrocious like a killing spree. The unpredictability of this method allows for a great deal of deniability by the goosers. (btw - This technique is actually taught.) I don't know the personal history of the guy who committed the killing in Toronto, but I would bet a lot of money (and win) that a "close friend" or "confident" came into his life not too long ago saying just the right things to bond with him--strongly bond with him from feeling his pain--and I would further bet that person is no longer around. If anyone starts looking, the Toronto killer will not be the only disturbed individual, either, who suddenly got a new friend. He was simply the one who crossed the line from the prompting. He wasn't the only one being pressured, but he was the one who popped. Nobody could predict the chaos and that is the reason this tactic is so effective. ISIS and other Islamist groups recruit much the same way, except, instead of inducing their targets to go on a killing spree, they get their subjects to leave their country and families and join these organization to kill nonbelievers and establish a Caliphate. This tactic works and works well. All anyone has to do is look and they can see it. There is a psychological profile of people who are susceptible to outside suggestion on this level. Predatory organizations (like ISIS, dark side assholes, etc.) seek out Internet users with this profile based on their online activity. They are usually young males with deep insecurity issues, full of resentment and who feel powerless. The predators bond by validating their insecurities and bad feelings, then mold them by suggesting things to do to cure it all. This tactic may be targeted to a specific profile of young insecure males, but underneath it is garden variety pacing and leading taught in any persuasion system. The fact that there has been such a strong increase in media activity (along with things like the bots on the Incel forum) leads me to believe the recent chaos in Toronto was orchestrated by some Very Nasty People either within government or within groups that want to take power in government. Since the Incels the media are bashing have a male profile (despite Heavy pointing out that it was females on the fringe who came up with the term and formalized it), I imagine the hard-left wing of the feminist movement is somehow involved. This wing has gotten a lot of power recently in Canadian politics, so much so you guys now have double-digit genders written into law. As a final note, the dude who shot up a lot of girls in California because he couldn't get a date was not all that recent, however, he is being used as an example of Incel violence as if he were. I don't think that loser was triggered by a "sudden friend," though. I think he was just a spoiled asshole who flipped out. From a different angle, there is a lot of talk about the sheer number of mass murderers who took psychotropic medicines like serotonin uptake inhibitors for a time before they went berserk and started killing. This would not explain the media propaganda campaigns, but I believe side effects from psychotropic medicine could be a contributing factor. When gobs of money and gobs of power can be seen near tragic lethal events in society, and coincidentally, there are hamhanded propaganda efforts pumping right along beside them, I have a real hard time believing in the propaganda. I have a much easier time looking at who is to gain from the the gobs of money and gobs of power and think they might be interested helping that outcome along. I think this way re endless war for profit, too. I despise people who get their wealth and power from the killing humans market, even more so when unsuspecting innocent humans are the ones killed. This goes for those who engineer the killing humans processes that comprise this market. They are the moral scum of our species. Good people don't like to believe they exist or actually manage to do bad things, but they exist and they do bad things. Michael
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    Here I am , to save the day! I thought Rudy was quite funny, and I don't hate him at all --and you are so totally right, there is no porn in hockey! Even the dumbest D-men can spell that one out if their teammates help them.
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    I just looked up the incels forum (Incels.me) to see the traffic stats. Surprise... surprise... surprise... This forum has only become a thing since December. Before that, it either didn't exist or was shit traffic-wise. Look at the Alexa ranking: The way Alexa works is that the lower the number, the more the traffic. So the site with the most traffic in the world is Number 1. Look at the massive growth of this forum from nothing in December or thereabouts. I smell astroturf and bots all over it. This is a typical setup for trading up the chain publicity. (In other words, it will be a reference source anchor for overworked writers. Sort of like the way William is using it. The reader is supposed to think, "Look at all that activity! This must be serious! They are coming to get us!") But it's engineered traffic with automation. I bet if we find a way to dig, we will come up with about 10 individuals who represent 99% of the accounts and traffic through bots, fake accounts and proxies. God knows what the dark side (and I don't mean the Incels) is planning with this, but planning something it is. Michael
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    I love these types of stories of human success and achievement; there's plenty of other cool stuff in the current edition of Plastics News. I exclaim, I love capitalism. http://www.plasticsnews.com/article/20180430/NEWS/180439992/ackleys-career-path-took-him-from-entry-level-to-president
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    Yes I agree, because someone who identifies themselves as Incel, doesn't mean that all Incels are terrorists. That logic would end up disregarding essences. One of the problems with the ideology is the "black pill" concept which the Incel Wikipedia entry says is, "'taking the black pill' was described by WBUR-FM as meaning 'I will now espouse violence, hatred and misogyny.'[56] " I'm unsure about the violence part with "black pilling". I'm not going to link directly to an Incel URL, but if someone scans this Heavy page, in the first point there is a link to one of the Incel's forums. When I scanned over it, "black pilling" doesn't appear to necessarily include violence. So it seems there are different degrees of aggression built into the Incel ideology through "black-pilling", from mistreatment, to levels of violence. Concept-wise, I have a category called "false-concept", for false concepts and non-existent concepts. Incel to me is a non-existent concept, so the people who identify with Incel are believing in a non-existent thing. Looking at it briefly, it is a system that falls apart when one starts to consider essences, and psychologically if the individuals would practice self-responsiblity for their "condition" they might not identify with Incel. And a disturbing thing in the ideology is idolizing or celebrating the Incel mass murderers, compared to something like MGTOW, which is passive from what I know about it. So even though it's likely the van attacker had mental issues, he identified with this aggressive Incel ideology and felt that it empowered him, and this lead to existential action toward other people. Unfortunately there will probably be another attack in the future by someone who identifies as Incel, so we likely haven't heard the last of the term.
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    “Law Day recognizes that we govern ourselves in accordance with the rule of law rather according to the whims of an elite few or the dictates of collective will.” President Rand, er, Trump, today. https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/president-donald-j-trump-proclaims-may-1-2018-law-day-u-s/
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    Dersh is a true champion of civil rights and individual liberty. I have read several of his books. He knows what’s what. Q welcomed him to the team weeks ago. He has the goods on Epstein, who he once represented, and he has the goods on a lot other people, too. Watch. Alan Dershowitz @AlanDersh My thoughts on why our desire to 'get Trump' risks the death of civil liberties. Desire to 'get Trump' risks death of civil liberties thehill.com 7:31 AM · Apr 21, 2018
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    I live in the liveabilist part of Toronto, the former East York (Canada's Only Borough!) until we were collectivized by former Neo-Con premier Mike Harris in the 1990s. It is a down-town east area, and when I moved here it was East Chinatown, with a great mix of east Asian restos, two competing convenience stores, an ageless diner, a disreputable pub and a respectable one, and a great Italian practically right next door. Plus a laundrymat above which I live, which heats the floors in winter and provides an astonishing array of freshly washed clothes which people have forgotten and which go into the garbage after a week, when it is finders keepers. Alas, alack. Now, eight years later, I apparently live in north Leslieville (the gratingly trendy area two streets below). The disreputable pub has been restored and transformed into a four-star restaurant with a world-class chef. The respectable pub has gone from an overpriced Scottish sports bar, to a Mexican restaurant with no TV even, and I don't like Mexican cuisine, even when it is good, which it isn't here. One convenience store has become a trendy coffee bar; the other, which I now call the Inconvenience Store, revels in its monopoly and sells only two of the four daily papers, for good business reasons no doubt. I am surrounded by edible temptations. Three other trendy coffee bars on this block, with another one being renovated to open soon. A barbecue place (formerly a pieiorgi place); sushi , two pizza outposts,a Perfect Burger spot, one Thai takeout and the veteran Vietnamese sandwich shop, a rock in an upheaving sea of street meat. And here I am hungry and none of them appeal. I guess I'll just make some toast. My disposable income, of which I don 't have any, approves of that. It's a five-star decision.
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    This is hilarious. Do you remember that vintage NSL skit where Nicole Ritchie (in her Simple Life Days) was holed up with Saddam Hussein in his, well, hole, and was braiding his beard, or hair I forget -- and her inane chatter drove him into such a frenzy of boredom that he bolted out of his hiding place and surrendered to the Americans?
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    Woo-hoo! I saved and saved and saved up till I could afford a speedy, powerful new laptop. This is the result. A pure proof that I can upload two ways, from within my streaming server and straight from the Youtube Creator Studio. Woo-hoo!
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    What he is promoting in this Tweet is Objectivism. Don’t look outside yourself for an authority on truth for there is no such thing. Your mind is the one and only authority on truth. There is no substitute or alternative. Trump is right, he is a good man. He is doing his part toward healing our world. And it’s a big part because millions of black Americans have respected him for many years. I’m starting to respect him myself. He was a nasty piece of work back when, but he was also likely MK-ULTRA’d by one or another of the music industry’s version of NXIVM. Liberal progressive democrats on the outside, satanists on the inside. They made him act like an animal so that millions of his followers would do the same. They’ve been doing that to the black community for generations. The Democrats need blacks to be dysfunctional and dependent and NOT thinking or questioning, so they will keep voting for their oppressors and never figure out who is actually keeping them down. Kanye is changing that. KANYE WEST @kanyewest my wife just called me and she wanted me to make this clear to everyone. I don't agree with everything Trump does. I don't agree 100% with anyone but myself. 11:20 AM · Apr 25, 2018
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    William, Sure. I went to my orders completed page at Amazon and typed in "conspiracy" just to make this fast. Four books came up, but I have more (I always haunt used book places, too ). I can't list those right off the bat because I have a crap-load of books and I didn't make a separate section for "conspiracy theory" like I did for Rand, writing, Scientology, evil (a few very interesting books ), religion, etc. Here are the 4: Conspiracies and Secret Societies: The Complete Dossier by Brad Steiger and Sherry Steiger The Believing Brain: From Ghosts and Gods to Politics and Conspiracies---How We Construct Beliefs and Reinforce Them as Truths by Michael Shermer History Decoded: The 10 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time by Brad Meltzer and Keith Ferrell Demented Agitprop: The Myth and Madness of Agenda 21 Conspiracy Theories by Llewellyn Hinkes-Jones On a related note, I recently went through the audiobook: Secret Societies: Inside the Freemasons, the Yakuza, Skull and Bones, and the World's Most Notorious Secret Organizations by John Lawrence Reynolds. And, if I'm not mistaken, I have the print version called "Shadow People," but I can't seem to find it. This is a VERY GOOD book and it has a slant you would like. I have the following in my Amazon wish list. (sigh... I'll get to them some day--I have a way-too-long wish list up on Amazon ) The United States of Paranoia: A Conspiracy Theory by Jesse Walker Voodoo Histories: The Role of the Conspiracy Theory in Shaping Modern History by David Aaronovitch American Conspiracy Theories by Joseph E. Uscinski There are a bunch of others without the "conspiracy" keyword. In fact, I'm trying to remember where I got these titles from. I often look up books in the footnotes of books I am reading and, if I think one is interesting, I try to find it and usually put it on my wish-list if it is for sale at Amazon. I have a Scribd account and I probably have some things separated over there, too. That should do for now. I'm not going to waste a lot of time on this though. I have other priorities right now (creative writing stuff). btw - I just put Suspicious Minds on my wish list. Michael