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Posted 16 March 2011 - 07:30 AM

Part 1: Rise of the Mutants

Earth is gripped by collectivism. Conformity is law. Humanity is being ground into an ever finer and homogenous gruel.

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Yet... in a secret fortress...
A huge laboratory complex with machines, computers, tubes, wires, conduits. At various workstations and posts, in ones and twos, an odd assortment of beings only nominally called people work on various tasks.

The Magnetic Storm Knight stares into a giant 3-D projection of a complex swirl of graphs, glyphs, and shimmering lines. "My marketing plan is nearly complete! Soon, we will bombard Earth with an irresistable matrix of non-compatible choices. The collective hegemony will be destroyed by the operation of free will simultaneously engaged by all 6 million humans."

A klaxon sounds. "Wait!" says the Henna Ocelot. "I have intercepted a strangely encoded message. It seems to be a warning of some kind, but I cannot decipher it."

"Allow me!" says Doctor Dialect. "I know every variant of every language." He scans the transmission. "It seems to be a variant of proto-Tocharian with which I am completely familiar and fully fluent, but it has been randomized into a non-sensical, perhaps anti-conceptual, anti-life parody of itself. It makes no sense."

"No sense to you! But I, Moloch the Golem will apply my quantum based probablistic field..." The Green Giant extends his hands and a flowing glowing swirl of probablity engulfs the screen which displays the secret message. "Yes! I nearly have it... It not non-sensical and anti-conceptual but only beyond your understand, which, in fact, is queer because ..."

<Whoosh!> a flash of energy envelopes Doctor Dialect and raising his arms over his head and pulling forward quickly, he sends a bolt of energy at Moloch the Golem. "Take that!" The energy wave cascades around Moloch the Golem and flows harmlessly away from him, but does strike a complicated array of gears that are melted into slag.

"Exucuse me," says The Man in the Moon. "I was working here. D'you want to see what I discovered?"

Moloch the Golum takes a menancing step forward. "Jew? Did you say 'Jew'? What did you mean by that?"

The Magnetic Storm Knight seeks to restore order. "Whoa! Gentlemen, I assure you that we have a greater enemy and arguing among ourselves will not move forward the agenda of my hero, The Beckoner of the Glenn who called the People together in the Last Great Golden Age."

"Be that as it may," says Henna Ocelot, "there is still the encrypted secret message."

"Yes, of course," MSK replies. "How are we coming with that?"

(to be continued...)

[Feel free to jump in and take the action wherever it goes.]

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